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Julia Taylor Ross as Mrs. Sun / Little Girl
Reggie Watts as Hoss / Ernest Shackleton
Maria Bamford as Bo's Mom
Jim Jefferies as Burnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thomasrtygesen 6 / 10

The Time Travellin' Toilet Seats

Take "ice age" - you know, goofy animals struggling to prevent their own extinction. Cute it up with some furry creatures looking like mascots for a toilet seat company (to be fair, they are pretty cute). Let them travel in time until something goes terribly wrong. Spice it up with random appearances of people like Ernest Shackleton, the antarctic explorer, and you've got "Extinct".

The animations are colourful and fresh. The story seems unnecessarily complicated, but it's still catchy most of the time. The pacing is like most kids movies nowadays: fast and furious. The humour is silly and will appeal to kids at the age of 6 to 9, I guess.

Reviewed by shiyuanp 10 / 10

Cute and fun!

This donut-shape figure is soooooo cute with this little hole in the body. I can't help imagining to own one of the flummels. The storyline is fluent and unexpected. There are a lot of jokes and great lines. I will recommend this to my friends and family.

Reviewed by viktorpenic 1 / 10

its bad

Boring and unfunny the animation is very meh super predictible i just hated it.

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