Eye Without a Face


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 118

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zofiakow 8 / 10

Creepy and Disturbing but cool

Eye Without A Face is more psychological than a typical horror film and is a character study. The film deals with sexual desire and violence but is very much not a slasher film. I found it creepy and it made me uncomfortable, in a good way.

I recognized Luke Cook from SABRINA on Netflix. Dakota Shapiro is handsome and talented and the two of them are really good together. Luke is hilarious! A good bit of comic relief in a dark film. After watching this film you will definitely want to cover your webcam!

Reviewed by guli86 3 / 10

Move along people, there's nothing to see!!!

I am watching horror/psycho thriller movies for 30 years, and this is one of the most predictable I have ever seen.

The old story about protagonist's blackouts and crimes when he wakes up in the morning... Most of us knew he commited the murders. For you who didn't get it before the very end - you should watch more movies of this genre.

Reviewed by zsuzsanna-s 3 / 10

Very Amateur script, poor acting.

Seriously, it looks like a high school movie, done by kids. Nothing unique, very poor acting, sometimes it hurts the eye...

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