Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joannategnerowicz 10 / 10

Powerful and deeply human film

"Eyimofe" focuses on the hopes, desires and struggles of ordinary Lagosians, forced to daily confront a bleak world ruled by money and largely desensitized to human suffering.

It depicts the lives and problems of its main characters, Mofe and Rosa, with gritty realism and in a very engrossing way, with some unexpected plot twists and without a moment of boredom. The stories of the two protagonists are brilliantly and poignantly interwoven. The movie also renders the atmosphere of Lagos so compellingly that one feels literally transported to the city.

Mofe's inner strength, integrity, quiet dignity and stoicism are profoundly moving, though he is seemingly a man like millions of others. And one can't help being enthralled by the proud Rosa's attempts to change her and her sister's life for the better.

All the characters in the film seem very authentic - and often as inscrutable as real-life humans. Many of the characters elude any attempts at a simplistic classification into good people and villains, though it is clear that the most powerful ones are also the most ruthless and the most callous.

To me, the most fascinating and admirable character - apart from Mofe - was the landlord Vincent. It is easy to misjudge him, but his humanity touched me on a very deep level. Thanks to characters like him the heart-warming possibility of hope and solidarity always remains present in this film. This is a very beautiful and thought-provoking movie which I can highly recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

"Oh, sister, when I come to lie in your arms,You should not treat me like a stranger"

After viewing the superb You Will Die at 20 (2019-also reviewed) I decided to see what other films were in the Cinema of Africa section of the Borderlines Film Festival. With Desire being my favourite Dylan album, I got set to discover this desire.

View on the film:

Introducing the screening/stream by detailing how they filmed in 35MM, writer/co-directing brothers Chuko & Arie Esiri make their feature film debut with wonderful tracking shots going down the glazed in primary colours hues streets of Lagos.

Joined by cinematographer Arseni Khachaturan, the brothers brilliantly use the 35MM format to heighten the textured,colourful warmth which glows from the city as the Esiri's whip-pan towards Mofe (played with an enticing sincerity by Jude Akuwudike) dividing his time between working in a repair shop,and counting down the days until he can use his new passport.

Separated between Mofe and Rosa (an outstanding, disquieting debut performance by Temiloluwa Ami-Williams) the screenplay by Chuko Esiri gradually match each tale with a dream of turning their desires into reality via leaving Lagos for a brighter future abroad,but every attempt Rosa and Mofe make to escape the daily grind of life on the tough streets with ambitious,costly steps, each ends up taking them a step back from archiving their desires.

Reviewed by Karamakate 8 / 10

A charming and colorful gem

The cinematography alone with its charming use of detailed colors makes Eyimofe a must watch. The plot is balanced and compelling with barely any cliches and the acting is phenomenal.

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