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1932 [GERMAN]


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Peter Lorre as Bildreporter Johnny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anne_Sharp 8 / 10

German guy fun!

This big-budget technothriller-romance was state-of-the-art for 1932, featuring a top-notch cast (especially Hans Albers as the rowdy, untamed hero and Peter Lorre as his long-suffering sidekick) and a lickety-split plotline in which industrial sabotage, sexual politics and the psychology of heroism are artfully intertwined. An English-subtitled video version of this SF classic is long overdue.

Reviewed by zsenorsock 6 / 10

Hiigh Tech Dream of 1932

This film was made at a time when technology was moving almost faster than the imagination. Only a few years after Lindbergh's non-stop flight across the Atlantic, in this Germany decides to solve the problem of long transatlantic flights not by building planes that can fly further, but by building a gigantic platform in the middle of the Atlantic where planes can land and refuel. Only there are forces at work trying to keep the Floating Platform (hence F.P. #1) from becoming a success. Sabotage and spies add a layer of intrigue to what essentially is a love triangle between the commander of F.A. #1 and a gregarious pilot who both love the same woman. For the time, this film is quite impressive for its North Sea location photography as well as its flying scenes. Peter Lorre has a couple of good scenes as the hero's photographer buddy. I'd rate it higher, but many parts of the story either don't hold up or don't make sense. Still, glad I got to see it once.

Reviewed by cynthiahost 10 / 10


A highly entertaining Sci Fi German classic A year before Germany would change. Hans was good as the aviator flier Ellison wanting to encourage the development of the plat form,by stealing it and putting it in the office of his old friend Droste ,played by Paul Hartman.Sybil Schmitz plays the Heiress to the main company,whom she has a percentage of investment in it, that same year she was in Vampyr.A pudgy and blond hair Peter Lorre plays his sidekick and photo journalist.Well eventually this platform is built.Sybil for a while has Romantic interest in Hans,but,she has a conflicting interest in Hartmann.Well after everything is built ,right before it opens,Herman Speelman, part of the ship , all of a sudden declares mutiny and shoots Paul Hartmann and start to Gas everyone.When Sybil pleads, to Hans, to take her to f.p.i. to find out what happen to Paul,he agrees.When both arrive and Hermann take off, Sybil shows her true color about Paul,he's only injured.After waking everyone up the crew want to quit .So they leave except a few.But when Paul Hartmann takes his pale out to leave ,Hans takes off to go to a ship and to inform ,on radio about the availability of the platform for planes.It finally does business,Rudolph Platte shows up as a radio operator ,who is shot .This was worth watching and collecting too at Grape vine video,which also has English version, and ,I think Germnwarfilms.com 8/25/13

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