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Terry Serpico as Dr. Klein
Alex Essoe as Sophie
Cullen Moss as Spandex Face Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n_villacci 10 / 10

Perfect if you like thrillers with a touch of horror

This is a perfect fit for you if you like your thrillers to have a touch of horror and some good twists. Some scenes might make your stomach turn if you're a little squeamish when it comes to medical gore. I found the storyline keeping me in my toes and not seeing some of the turns. I like the uncertainty of George and the uncertainty he has if himself. He doesn't even really know what he's going to do or who he is. The ending was great with my husband and I throwing out our guesses as to what was going to happen. We both changed them about three times each in a matter of minutes. Ha! I definitely recommend this while you're trying to stay warm and 'rona free. Just don't watch it right before bed if you don't want the messed up dreams!

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

its a complex...

Story where you search your own senses what kind of story this is. as the title says its the kind of state every human being unless among friends and if your a celebrity star or a king where you walk the line among all the faceless ones. its a kind of ''face off'' story, just a more malign and sublime form of the phenomenon.. what would you do waking up with a strangers face, and where this stranger wasnt the coolest guy on the block or mummys golden nugget... well its that kinda story.

the plotting aint good in the start but it finds the line down the slope at increasing speed further on, so behold to push the stop button. the search and rescue mission are twisted and surprising..

acting is like noone stands out, its the average, the filmography is held in a dark and grellgrey tone, some sound glitches, the score of the simple synth's hovering humming without actual songs.. the make up facelifting department has qualities for further assignments, but the storyline is a bit in the fog at times.

so should the grumpy old man recommend this? yes if you like the genre,the actors or simply just have time.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 7 / 10

Engrossing and not for the squeamish

Saw the trailer , thought this might be good and it is. Not just as a thriller but as a horror movie and a stomach turning one at that. Be warned, if medical type grotesqueries bother you, this is kind of sickening. The make-up jobs and special effects are very well done, the movie is genuinely fascinating while being loaded with twists and turns, the score is interesting and most of all Brendan Sexton III is phenomenal in the lead. The cinematography is also excellent and loaded with intriguing shots and like the score add to the movie in ways that elevate it. On the other hand there are some problems. For such an involved story, I wish there had been more to the script, and there were scenes that were very poorly recorded. One scene which was obviously crucial to the story was kind of lost on me as I could barely understand the actors. Talking softly in a film should never be literally talking in a whisper. The plot was great, the script needed work though. Still this is an amazing film, never boring, genuinely different and well-made enough to possibly give me nightmares.

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