Falkenberg Farewell

2006 [SWEDISH]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 2760

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stensson 6 / 10

Real people. Too real?

This is not a movie for a conventional Friday evening. There really isn't a plot, until something happens after 70 minutes. There's conversation, some philosophy and most of the feelings are told by people's eyes.

This is definitely a young men's world. Men on the borderline in some ways. The only women are a couple of mothers, who can be laughed at, but suddenly you find that there's nothing really ridiculous about them.

Anyway, everything is somewhat pretentious. This movie is a little to eager in showing that it doesn't care about what you think. The possible interpretations are also a little too many, but surely there's much talent here. To be shown in the next movie.

Reviewed by johno-21 4 / 10

Giving poor old Falkenberg a bad name

I saw recently saw this at the 2007 Palm Springs International film Festival and I can't believe that this is Sweden's official submission to the 79th Academy Awards to be considered for best foreign film. Producer Anna Anthony last year also had Sweden's official submission for best foreign film with Zozo. I wasn't personally a fan of Zozo but at least it had some production value to it. This could have been shot as a high school film project. As a short film it may have worked but as a feature film it is as lost as it's characters. This is a story about five twenty something friends who live in a small Swedish town and have no goals or hopes or ambitions for the future and like to live in the past of their long gone childhood. Actually Falkenberg isn't like some remote northern Swedish village. It's a popular summer resort with a population of city and townships of almost 40,000 and lies between two major southern coastal Swedish cities of Götborg and Malmo. The characters are likable enough guys but if they were high school age kids with a bleak or confused attitude about what they plan to do with their lives I would undoubtedly care about them more. They are however long past the point where they should be making plans to deal with adulthood. If they want to stay in Falkenberg forever than certainly there must be some jobs in the tourist or fishing industry instead of just riding bicycles, drinking, smoking pot and occasionally painting a house. Maybe if they hung around with a girl or two in their circle of friends, of which girls are absent from this film altogether which doesn't make sense. Jesper Ganslandt makes his directorial debut and co wrote the film along with the cinematographer, of which I use the term loosely, Fredrik Wenzel. the acting isn't too bad. I would give this a 4.5 out of 10 but despite it's submission for consideration for the Academy Awards I would not recommend it.

Reviewed by LazySod 6 / 10

Saying farewell to freedom

Internationally known as "Falkenberg Farewell" this film deals with a number of friends that get together for a last time during the summer that bridges their lives between playful old children and young responsible adults. Still having nothing to do but hang about and do whatever they feel like they have one last breath of total freedom before the harness of the daily rut takes them and binds them.

Starting with a short description of the main characters the film rolls slowly but steadily. When it is clear what everyone does and where everyone is going to it starts telling its actual story and it must be said: that is done a little messy. It looks like it tries to go in all directions at once and ends up staying right in the middle because of it. While it is clear about the message it wants to give off, it is far less clear about the way it revolves around the characters.

I wasn't really impressed with this film. Partly because I saw it during a film festival where it was surrounded by much better films, partly because it was so messy that it was hard to get into.

6 out of 10 summers ending

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