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Viggo Mortensen as John Peterson
Laura Linney as Sarah
Lance Henriksen as Willis
David Cronenberg as Proctologist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 5 / 10

Well done, but depressing

This is a very interesting film that gives Viggo Mortensen a chance to shine as a director and even more allows Lance Henrikson to shine as an actor, because in the end , Lance steals this movie. As a fairly abrasive father descending into senility and tolerated by his 2 grown kids, he is the entire movie. Well shot, well acted by the supporting cast, the movie isn't without it's problems though. Like many movies nowadays, it tells it's story in a non-linear fashion and with this story , it works. It only becomes confusing when at one point I had no idea if I was watching events taking place in the past or not. While the dialogue for Willis played by Lance is remarkably real, the movies biggest failing is in allowing you to not understand at all why his kids just didn't give up on him, he's abusive and very one-dimensional at times. How many scenes can one watch of someone verbally abusing those around him ? There are so few scenes of anything loving going on it makes everyone around him appear to be saints for putting up with such behavior, and that seems unrealistic. I also felt that everyone but the Willis character was a bit of a modern stereotype although Laura Linney (great actress) in her small scene really brought the role of the adult daughter to life. Viggo directing himself as the son was a bit of a weak link for me in the movie, maybe the role should have gone to another actor ? In all , the movie held my interest, is sad in a depressing way, really a story of opportunities lost , and while worth watching once if you like any of these actors, I would never watch it again.

Reviewed by christina-delimitrou 10 / 10

A directorial debut worth seeing

Viggo Mortensen has long held my respect as an actor, and has now gained it as a director, writer (and music composer) too. Falling is a tough film to watch, but one worth watching regardless. Lance Henriksen, now in his eighties, is better than ever, and I'm glad Viggo has given him a role worthy of his talent and acting range.

The role of the father is slightly overdone in his harshness, which makes the situation - hopefully - not very relatable, but that aside, Falling is a masterful directorial debut for Viggo Mortensen, and hopefully the first of many.

Reviewed by gsygsy 8 / 10

Well done, Viggo

There's a lot to commend here. The film is carefully structured, full of interesting detail while never losing sight of the story it wants to tell. On the surface it is a family tale, but underneath it is a drama of conflicting values, of care versus cruelty.

Viggo Mortensen the writer has a less steady hand than Viggo Mortensen the director. He has created an austere father figure who lacks the three-dimensionality of the carers he comes into conflict with. In spite of a towering, theatrical performance by Lance Henriksen, there is a feeling of something missing. It may be we just don't have enough back-story: how did this guy get this way? There's only a single line that might give a clue. It's not enough. However, the character's younger self is given a wider range of emotion to play, which Sverrir Gudnason siezes, runs with and scores triumphantly.

The female roles, though in a couple of cases rather sketchy in terms of what they say, are all superbly played, directed lovingly so that the camera fills in the gaps left by the absence of spoken words. This is particularly true of Hannah Gross's sensitive turn as Gwen.

Mortensen turns out to be a very good director of children. The young actors in the cast all give excellent performances.

Of Mortensen the actor there's only praise to give. It's been a joy watching him develop over these many years since his film debut in WITNESS. He's as compelling and believable as ever, never more so than in his tender relationship here with Terry Chen.

Well done, Viggo. Here's to the next one.

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