Falling Fire



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Michael Paré as Daryl Boden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Byrd-2 7 / 10

Pretty good story with a different plot twist.

C'mon! It's not that bad. Oscar material, no, but as a human interest story it's actually pretty good. Different kind of twist with the male lead (Pare) involved shipboard with a girl who turns out to be a "baddie," while his soon-to-be-ex-wife back on earth helps save the day ...

If you take the story on its own and don't try to compare it to the blockbusters like "Armageddon" or "Deep Impact," it's really quite enjoyable. The effects are pretty good too. And the added dimension of environmental terrorism is quite nineties and, if you live in a "green-aware" place like I do, really quite unnerving and all too believable. Pare is a terrific actor and, though all too often unfortunately paired with lesser talents, nevertheless manages to give quite a good performance. Give it a try.

Reviewed by asinyne 7 / 10

A bit slow paced but very well written tale

It took awhile (most of the first half of the film) for this one to get going but I stuck with it and felt rewarded later. The bad guys are eco- terrorists and really nasty. I really enjoyed it when they got theirs...ha! The production values were actually pretty well done considering this was a Roger Corman project. The cast was a bit uneven, either really good or pretty awful. The good girl lead was awful whilst the bad girl lead was excellent...and so it went. Pare was effective as usual.

I really thought the film told a compelling story, no shortcomings there. I recommend this movie if you enjoy somewhat low budget sci-fi that delivers a pretty big bang for the buck. Here is some clever film making...albeit it was a little to casual in the beginning. Pacing does matter! If you come across a copy somewhere check it out, I enjoyed it. It is definitely a lot better than the 4.4 it scored here.

Reviewed by gajbard 10 / 10

Falling Fire has Hot Qualities

I've seen the film twice now. I liked it the first time, it had good ideas, good special FX some interesting actors, and managed to keep you guessing.

I don't want to give away the end, but the set up is good, An asteroid being brought into Earth's orbit may be set up to collide with the planet instead causing destruction beyond recovery, that's not original , but the twists are neat- Ecological terrorist are behind it all. These terrorists are well thought out, inteligent, even disturbingly sympathetic. The hard questions about what we're doing to ur world, and the moral issues about extremeists are well woven into a fabric of action, suspense and good old whodunit.

I can tell its a good film, the second viewing still held surprises, suspense and good effects.

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