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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qbok-1 8 / 10

Solid B-Movie - they don't make them like that anymore... or do they?

I see the movie gets bashed around here pretty hard. Is it for a good reason? That depends. Depends on whether you need a 100 million dollar budget to keep you amused. Because, except for the budget, this movie has all the traits of typical summer blockbuster ("Armageddon", anyone?). And so, it's a solid B-movie - to boot. B-movie. No Oscars for this baby, that's for certain. But... Yesterday I tried to watch "Attack of the Clones". Which probably had a budget 100 times larger than "Fallout"'s. I stopped after five minutes. Though I paid good money for that DVD, I simply couldn't go on. Today, while shopping for groceries, I picked up "Fallout". It sold for and equivalent of $2 (at least 5 times less than the Star Wars movie). Frankly, I didn't expect much. And, oh yes, I didn't GET much, that's for sure. But I've got far more than I did from that bloated vanity-fest from George Lucas, didn't I?

But let's get back to the budgets once more. Everyone says - the script's a trash. Is it? "Armageddon" got 5.6 stars on IMDb (as of this writing). How's "Fallout" worse? In fact, I thing "Fallout"'s script has far more coherence - and makes far more sense (AND common-sense) that "Armageddon"'s. No forced love-interests. No sexist imagery (oh yes, one of the main characters is a woman, BUT - unlike in "Armageddon" and countless other movies like that - here she actually saves the day, AND doesn't get "love interested" ;) by Daniel Baldwin... uh, that would qualify for a horror ;) ) While not perfect, the science here is certainly more in touch with reality than "Armageddon"'s (or "Space Cowboy"'s and the like) - or any other "Science" Fiction movie in recent memory. Also, the script doesn't really even contain that many clichés...

As for acting - it's certainly no "Citizen Kane", but - but I found the acting at least serviceable. Even from Daniel Baldwin, who certainly should look for some other means of support ;) Also, a big surprise from the movie are it's special effects. To my surprise - no CGI here! Only very solid and quite beautiful (and very detailed!) miniature models. Feels a little like watching "2001"'s younger brother...

All that makes "Fallout" - in my opinion - a great B-movie. That has to be seen - and judged! - in context of other B-movies. B-movies the likes of which I haven't seen made for a long time... A small gem of entertainment. Cheap entertainment, but entertainment that surely shows that it's makers REALLY CARED about their creation.

Not everyone has a $100,000,000 to spend... But everyone is able to do their job right. I think "Fallout"'s makers did.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 3 / 10

Can the Russians really be trusted?

FALLOUT=fall flat! Mediocre space yarn. Russians taking part in a NASA mission take over a space station and threaten to use nuclear weapons to hold the Earth hostage. Bad acting along with soft special effects are not enough to hold interest. Teri Ann Linn is eye candy and does not have the ability to wake up a lumbering cast featuring Daniel Baldwin, Frank Zagarino, Michael Khmurov and Scott Valentine. Sci-Fi Network fodder.

Reviewed by Integra 2 / 10

Wow, monumentally bad dialogue.

I usually don't comment on movies, but for this stinker, I'll make an exception. The dialogue is absolutely atrocious. Every character seems to enjoy stating their job title and past experience like they're reading a resume.

It's really hard to fault the actors when given a script this foul... But I'm feeling picky today. Low points include Frank Zagarino's accent which keeps flipping between German/Austrian and Russian and an over-the-top wooden performance from a moussed-up Baldwin brother.

I saw this movie for free on the SciFi channel and yet, somehow, I still feel ripped off.

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