Fanged Up


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 1678


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Steven Berkoff as Governor Payne
Terry Stone as Howard Storm
Vas Blackwood as Shifty
Stephen Marcus as Reeves
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spikephoenix 3 / 10

A passable horror comedy

Saw a screening of this not long ago and I did enjoy it for the most part. The acting was acceptable (Stu Bennett was a stand out for me as I didn't expect him to be as good a actor as he was) The story didn't make much sense but I get it, it's a horror comedy, just roll with it. The humor was on point but I do think non-British viewers will be a little lost and some of it will get lost in translation. The reason for the rating of 3 is due to one of the actors offering free tickets for anyone who left a ten star review - underhanded and scummy and judging by the comments I can see a lot of the unscrupulous members have decided to cash-in, posting a mess of fake reviews. Worth a watch but nowhere near a 10/10

Reviewed by oo-52748 1 / 10

Looks like they had fun, We did'nt

The cast and crew, directors and funders obviously paid some people of convinced a thousand people to give this a good rating, When you do that it just doesnt waste peoples times, it wastes the time that you could have used to better yourself at making a decent b movie, this was awful, but i did see your crisima which i enjoy.

The direction was 3/10 The acting was 4/10 The script was 3/10 but your integrity and wanting to do better wanting to know if you were acting good takes a lot of guts to actuall want to know, so you get a 1 star from me.

Learn from your mistakes, better yourselvesP!

Reviewed by thefonz1 1 / 10

Awful film, truly dire

I watched an early screening of this film and was amazed how bad it was. I don't often write reviews on IMDB but this film was so bad I thought I had better warn people about it. The main guy can't act and has no charisma whatsoever, the "plot" is scrappy and makes no sense. The best thing about it was it finished but then I felt I wanted to kill myself after having sat through such rubbish.

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