Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure



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Miriam Hopkins as Mrs. Maude Brown
Letícia Román as Fanny Hill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ksf-2 6 / 10

the 1964 version of the Fanny Hill story

Inane dialogue in this Russ Meyer burlesque farce/love story....but the naughty subject matter and low cut dresses were probably enough to keep the viewing public interested. Our innocent little Italian-born star, Leticia Roman plays Fanny Hill, who is looking for work, and ends up boarding in a house full of "female cousins". Roman had made GI Blues, along with 8 other films prior to this one. The fast carnival-type music, the hair-dos, and the costumes tip us off that this will be an odd period piece. Mrs. Brown (Miriam Hopkins) takes Fanny in, and claims that the residents and the visitors are all related, which adds another weird dimension to the plot. Try to catch the new lyrics to "London Bridge is Falling Down" as they frolic at the king's palace....Later, Fanny meets the dashing sailor "Charles", and when separated, Fanny is devastated. This 1964 version is one hour 45 minutes, and goes on way too long. The 1968 subtitled Swedish version remake is actually easier to watch, since it's in color, only 91 minutes, and has a more cohesive script.

Reviewed by elt 2 / 10

Turn an erotic novel into a cheap farce and the result's not pretty

This is probably the most expurgated version of Fanny Hill you'll ever see. The only way to get an R rating in 1964 for a movie with a sexual subject seems to be to turn it into a leering, puerile comedy. The problem is that it doesn't work as a comedy, or as erotica, or even as historic fiction.

The plot revolves around Fanny's belief that she has been taken in by a kind lady to work in a hat shop, instead of in an expensive brothel. Fanny manages to avoid the clients she's been set up with for the entire movie without ever finding out the truth. The plot never evolves beyond this obvious story. There's also no attention paid to accuracy: the setting for the movie lurches around between 1750 and 1890, and the dialogue ranges even further.

Of all the actors in the movie, only Leticia Roman and Miriam Hopkins show any life. The others are stick figures, feigning animation with affected voices and arched eyebrows. Not that Roman and Hopkins aren't guilty of overacting: they just occasionally show there might be more there.

This movie may be worth preserving along with "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" for anthropological studies on 1960's Hollywood attitudes towards sex, but it's not worth watching for entertainment. Read the book.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 5 / 10

Sugar Hill.

Taking a look at the IMDb credits for Leticia Roman after recently re- watching Mario Bava's fantastic Giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much,I was thrilled to discover,that along with Bava and Elvis,Roman had also starred in a very early Russ Meyer title.Opening my Russ Meyer DVD boxset for the film,I was surprised to ind that the title had been left out of the set.Deciding to search around the internet for the movie,I was thrilled when I stumbled upon a rare Pre-Cert Video of the title being sold on Ebay,which led to me excitingly getting ready to at last set eyes on Russ Meyer and Leticia Roman's team work.

The plot-

The 18th century:

Arriving in London from Liverpool with no money in her pocket,sweet,innocent Fanny Hill is relived to spot a jobs advert outside a building.Entering the building,Hill is met by a kind woman called Mrs.Maude Brown,who tells Hill that she runs a business which involves woman "escourting" the delivery of hats,to what are oddly all male customers.With Fanny not seeing the job for what it is,but instead viewing it as a job that can help men decide on what hat they should buy for their wife,Hill cheerfully accepts the job,and unwittingly enters the seedy underbelly of London with a huge grin on her face.

View on the film:

Made at the very end of his Nudie-Cutie era,co-director (who for the first and only time co-directed the film with Albert Zugsmith) Russ Meyer unexpectedly takes things in an extremely restrained direction for his first ever sound movie,and also his only period feature.

Despite the beautiful Leticia Roman (who is perhaps the only leading Meyer lady not to appear naked in a film of his!) still being able to give a delightfully charismatic performance as Hill,Meyer takes a huge dose of Roman's charm away by splattering the film with an ear- gratingly awful dub of Leticia's voice,which is also completely at odds with the rest of the clear "natural" soundtrack featured in the film.

Dragging Robert Hill's adaptation of John Cleland's infamous novel to a long 100 minute running time, (which would end up becoming Meyer's longest movie!) Meyer thankfully shows a glimpse of style with the film's appearance,thanks to Meyer and cinematography Heinz Holscher crisp black & white work allowing Costume Designer Claudia Hahne-Herberg's elegant work to be fully displayed,whilst Meyer also shows a fun fourth wall breaking side by separating the movie into "pages" which are shown on screen in a film where the girl sadly does not know too much.

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