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Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse
Tim Matheson as Narrator
Corey Burton as Narrator: Deems Taylor overdubs
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Reviewed by avi-greene2 10 / 10

This is an example of a cinematic milestone

I first remember hearing about this movie when I was very little, and ever since I first watched it on VHS, it has always been one of the many examples of my favorite movies of all time. This is so unique, because unlike a typical Disney movie, in this movie we do not hear any dialog from the characters, and all of the music is instrumental (except for "Ave Maria" at the end). The film is divided into eight sequences, each of them being introduced by a guy named Deems Taylor, who was a very well-known music critique.

The eight segments are as follows:

1.) "Tocatta & Fugue in D-minor" composed by Johanne Sebastian Bach. This segment consists of shots of the Philadelphia Orchestra and their conductor Leopold Stokowski with a lot of cool shadow and color effects during the first three minutes, then we see a lot of shapes and random objects that Taylor would suggest to us might pop into our brains when listening to the music.

2.) "The Nutcracker Suite" composed by Tchaikovsky. In this part of the movie, we listen to excerpts of the famous ballet suite, and we see various fairies, flowers, fish and other nature-related creatures.

3.) Everyone's favorite "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" starring Sorcerer Mickey and Yen Sid (the sorcerer whose name is "Disney" spelled backwards). This is also the only segment to be seen again in this film's sequel, "Fantasia/2000" 60 years later, and in it the apprentice brings to life a magical broomstick to try to fill a cauldron with water, and the spell goes wrong so the apprentice gets reprimanded. This is then followed by Mickey greeting conductor Stokowski.

4.) "Rite of Spring" composed by Igor Stravinsky. This segment takes place billions and billions of years ago with the coming of the dinosaurs, where we see the creation of Earth in the beginning of time, and are later introduced to all of the different dinosaurs including the tyrannosaurus rex, which become extinct in the end of the segment.

5.) "Intermission/Meet the Soundtrack". At this point in the film, Deems Taylor introduces this string thingamajigger called the "Soundtrack" that he asks to make a lot of sounds resembling various instrument sounds.

6.) "Pastoral Symphony No. 6" composed by Beethoven. This segment is about a day in the countryside, and in it we see a lot of Greek mythology creatures like unicorns, satyrs, centaurs and centaurettes, cupids, Bacchus, Zeus, Iris, Apollo and Diana.

7.) "Dance of the Hours". This is where we see dancing ostriches, alligators, elephants and hippos. Each part of the piece suggests different hours of the day, and it all ends with a triumphant finale where the dancing hippo takes center stage.

8.) A combination of two pieces that are utterly different in mood and tone. They are "Night on Bald Mountain" in which a bat villain named Chernabog has Satan's evil spirits dance furiously until the coming of the sacred dawn, and then Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria" which is the one and only part of the whole film in which we hear lyrics sung, and then the movie ends.

I simply must say that not only is this film one of my all time favorite animated masterpieces, but it is also an example of a big highlight of the 1940's in cinematic history, all because of the ways it is so unique and special. In addition to this masterpiece, I also think "The Wizard of Oz", "Gone with the Wind", "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca" are main icons of cinematic successes. I definitely think this should have been the first animated movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award instead of "Beauty and the Beast".

Reviewed by betina-18954 10 / 10


I will review this movie and all the segments.

1. Toccata and Fugue in D minor. This is a great way to introduce the audience to Fantasia, with abstract art. However it is one of my lesser favorite segments, since some of the visuals could have been done better. However this is just nitpicking. Not much to say about this segment, other than it's a great way to introduce the audience to Fantasia. 8/10.

2. The Nutcracker Suite. This one i will have to say is my favorite segment from this entire movie. I find myself stoning to this segment everytime i watch it. And the visuals are just amazing. I mean, you just feel like your in the forest or in a garden throughout this entire segment. Probably my favorite scene is when Autumn comes and these fairies turn the green leaves orange or brown. Not much more to say other than, just perfect. 10/10.

3. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. This one i love like everyone else, and i think it's a classic. However, i still think it is overrated. That is because this is most people's or at least alot of people's favorite segment, the reason is probably that it's the most famous segment. And i disagree with that, since there are many superior segments in this movie. But i still think it's creative, fun and well drawn. 9/10.

4. The Rite of Spring. This i will have to say is my second favorite segment in Fantasia. Although science not art wrote the story of this segment, they create something artistic out of something scientific, and i love that. This segment is very need and original. This is what Disney's Dinosaur or Walking with Dinosaurs should have been. Sadly though this is some people's least favorite segment, since some people feel it's too long. Come on the Pastoral Symphony was just as long, and no one is complaining about that. And Dinosaur experts also complain about Jurassic Period Dinosaurs and Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs living together, and the fact that it wasn't a meteor but climate change that caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Now i'm not a Dinosuar expert, but from what i can gather from my research, this was pretty scientifically accurate for it's time. It wasn't generally accepted in the 1940s that a meteor caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs, and there were many theories as to why they became extinct. And as for the Jurassic and Cretaceous Dinosaurs living together, most Dinosaurs were at the time thought to have lived at the same time. Even Stravinsky didn't like this segment for some reason. Either way, this segment is a classic. I especially love the scene where the Prehistoric Bacteria are acting like cute Disney animals. That is just genius and adds alot of personality to the segment. And who can forget the famous fight scene between the Tyrannosaurus and the Stegosaurus. An absolute classic. 10/10.

5. The Pastoral Symphony. This is another great segment. I love the idea of it, and the artstyle is great. Although it may be a little too cute for some people, the scene with Zeus makes up for that. Not much more to say about it. 9/10.

6. The Dance of the Hours. This i will have to say is my least favorite segment of this entire movie. It's not bad, and it does fit the movie. And it is fitting to have a more comedic segment. However i for some reason didn't find it all that funny. However there were scenes that made me chuckle, and it is well drawn. 7/10.

7. The Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria. This is my third favorite segment in this movie. I love the design of Chernobog and the depiction of hell. And the Ave Maria is just one of the most beautiful moment made by Disney. A great way to end the movie. Not much more to say about this segment that people haven't said before. 10/10.

Other than a few of the segments not being that good, this movie does have a few other flaws. I really didn't think the movie needed the scenes with the host. I know Fantasia was suppose to become a film series, and this movie was meant to just be an introduction to that, and they were probably going to leave the host out for the other movies. But i still thought the host was boring to sit through. But this is just nitpicking.

This movie is a true classic and one of my favorite Disney movies. 10/10

Reviewed by m-krajeski 10 / 10

A Master Piece of Art and Sound

Walt Disney Studios set the standard for animation and sound with this film. Every aspect from the amount of detail, to the changes of theme show the capabilities of the technology. Every part of this film resonates with the young and old. Although the stories foretold are non canonical, they on their own right are drop dead gorgeous pieces of works individually. If anyone was planning to become an animator and needed advice, I would recommend this film. The design team keeps the themes diverse enough and the music synonymous with its animated counterparts extremely well. It really goes to show that time, money and effort is all it takes to create a masterpiece. No wonder it was remastered in the year 2000!

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