2023 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 429

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barkahe 10 / 10

Loved it!

I enjoyed this movie because the lead actress was a mature woman who looked her age with a few extra pounds and wrinkles , provingthat you can attract a man without botox and a slim body. I hadnever heard of Naomi Krauss but found her portrayal of the taken for granted wife and mother captivating. I can truly understand how the handsome Bogdan fell for her. Yes, there are many cliches but overall it was a refreshing feel good movie with fine performances and absolutely gorgeous scenery. Enjoyed it so much that I would love to see a sequel! Maybe its not Shakespeare but this chick flick was entertaining and fun.

Reviewed by aldebaran68 5 / 10

Pleasant but confused...

It's essentially about a Turkish woman living in Germany, so Turkish, German and English speaking (really?), who goes to Croatia/Dalmatia to get away from busy hubbie and find love/life.

The scenery is fabulous. One really can't go wrong with the Dalmatian coast... it's an Adriatic version of the Aegean. Very beautiful, stunning and inspiring.

However... the cultural setting is very confused and confusing. She is Turkish, so speaks Turkish and German, but seems to spend most of her time speaking English. The Croatians speak Croatian but seem to spend too much of their time speaking English...

And as the film progresses, there is this feeling of Americanized 'preachiness' entering the dialogues. Especially through her. She sounds more like a Turkish/German living in the US than a Turkish German living in Germany.

While there are nice touches of Croatian culture, like the male voice Croatian choir, very nicely sung! The Croatians also seem very Americanized, esp the young ones.

I'm used to Balkan culture, It is very local. So I wasn't impressed by how American the younger Croatians were made to come across.

Germans can sometimes seem indistinguishable from Americans, so Atlanticist are they. Her lines became increasingly US politically correct preachy as the film wore on. I didn't appreciate that as Turkish Germans would not be SO Americanised.

So, all in all the story started well but by 2/3 through had descended into US gushy romantic. Not European at all.

I give the scenery 5 out of ten. It should have 10/10. It was truly specular. Bit the story cold have been much more European (German/Croatian/Turkish) and less Americanised. So I take away 5 pints for that.

Yes I would recommend it... it watchable movie with great potential to entertain, marred by American style preachiness.

Reviewed by laura-dobutovic 10 / 10

Very cute

This movie is so fresh and cute just real, plus funny.

The actors are great, the story is familiar but still different.

I like that it is a romance about 40+ people and is just so Croatian with jokes and the way Bogdan, as Josip behaves it is so typical but in a good way. The island is, of course, beautiful; colors, people, food, flowers and the atmosphere is very island-like.

It is just feel good, relax and have a good time movie with very good actors.

I gave it 10 because as a Croatian I'm very happy with this movie's representation of people and land usually is just klishes used for all East European countries but not this movie. Go check it out!

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