Father of a Soldier


Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darima 10 / 10

just watch it!

I have never even thought about that movie as Georgian. For me - it is a movie of human heart (which is international and has nor borders). I remember when I first watched it - I was not able to fall asleep. The movie had already finished, but I was still crying my heart away. Since that I have seen it a few times and every time I cried (considering that usually I don't do it - for example - movies like Shindler's list can not make me cry). For me it is best movie I have ever seen about cruel essence of war. Movie, which is not declarative (like most soviet time movies about the war) or sentimental (like Spielberg's ones for example), but just so unbelievably touching. Just watch it, but have in mind - whether you want it or not - it will fill your heart with compassion and the process is sometimes quite painful.

Reviewed by yakflora 9 / 10

Beautiful film!


This was a magnificent film. I found the old fellow very lovable and just a gem of a character. I am not Georgian at all, but a Texan, so there you have it- this is a movie that goes beyond cultural pride.

The heart of this film is the heart of Giorgi, and he made me laugh and cry, he made me want to shout "hurah!" and shake my fist at annoying people. He made me want to grow a vineyard, smell the soil, and he made me cry. The death scene was particularly sorrowful, especially after such a joyful high in the preceding scenes.

The film is a beautiful picture of an earthy, simple man, but filled with wisdom and tradition. The viewer can see that family roots run deep from the dialog, and that Giorgi is an honest patriarch. His generous nature and happy smile, flailing gestures and mournful eyes capture the viewer. I thoroughly enjoyed this film!

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10

What Am I Going to Say to Your Mother?

In the World War II, the peasant Giorgi Makharashvili (Sergo Zakariadze) receives a letter from his beloved soldier son Goderdzi, who is fighting in the front driving a tank, telling that he was shot in the shoulder and is recovering in a hospital in Dubovo. He leaves his wife and his grapes in Georgia and travels for a long time by train and wagon to reach the hospital. However, he learns that Goderdzi has been discharged and sent back to the front. Giorgi decides to head to Domidovo to seek out his son but he does not find him. He joins the Soviet Army to fight against the Germans expecting to find his son. Will he succeed in his search for Goderdzi?

"Jariskatsis mama", a.k.a. "The Father of a Soldier", is a touching and beautiful Georgian and Russian antiwar movie. The plot alternates funny moments with dramatic situations in an impressive environment of war. Sergo Zakariadze has a magnificent performance in the role of a family man that needs to see his "tall and handsome" son no matter the price; otherwise what will he say to his wife and friends? The heartbreaking conclusion of this little masterpiece is very sad but never corny. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Pai do Soldado" ("The Father of the Soldier")

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