Felicia Impastato

2016 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 48

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matteodps 5 / 10

Not horrible, but veeeeeeery low production values and little to no desire to represent the greater picture. Felicia deserved better.

The problem with mafia-related biopics has always been the same: they tend to turn their subjects into hagiographies. People who fought the mafia, indeed, often tend to be painted as saints by the media, which are a very pervasive and influencing presence in Italy. I'm in no way taking a position here, just trying to get some context into the review.

Felicia Impastato, the movie, luckily avoids that, BUT the way it accomplishes that goal is in some respects even more enraging than simply paint a flawless paladin who fights like they're going to be martyrs any day. Outside of some cute scenes involving children - which are incredibly unconvincing as I have a hard time believing 10-years old children being so interested in mafia facts, not that many at least - the movie completely forgets it is supposed to be an inspirational piece about a mother who fought an entire system to achieve greater justice, not the depiction of a personal vendetta against a single boss and a self-absorbed piece that seems to be only able to show how a mother coped with the death of her son, and little else beyond that. It seems to be content with us being aware this is another "look at this hero who stood against mafia" piece, and does nothing to distinguish itself, to let us feel why this little episode of the battle with the "Piovra" ("Octopus", which is another way to call the mafia) was important in its own right.

This movie would have worked waaaaaaaaay better as a documentary.

I don't like the way I have to take shots at this movie because it's about a delicate subject, so I'm willing to forgive its blatantly low production values (a CGI crow is on the screen for ten seconds or so, and its look is cringe-worthy. Cringe. Worthy. On the other hand, the movie is fantastic in the make-up department) and the mediocre screenplay, but as I said in the title, Felicia deserved more than this.

If you're considering wasting your time on this movie, I obviously can't prevent you from doing that, but I suggest you give another look at "The Hundred Steps" ("I cento passi") instead.

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