Female Leopard



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarroll74 1 / 10

No, No, No

I was sort of drawn to the concept of the movie however, when abuse of women was introduced very early on on the movie, I stopped watching. I abhor the abuse of anyone. This sickened me. I shall be more careful of what I deem to be appropriate viewing.

I have no problem with sexual content in any medium. Abuse a rape is a no no for me.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 7 / 10

A leopard never changes her spots.

After a hectic day,I decided to take the phone off the hook,and finish the day by playing a short Pinku. By chance being the flick at the very top of my "To watch" pile, I took a glance at a female leopard.

Note:Some spoilers in review.

View on the film:

Featuring butterflies prominently in the feature, director Koyu Ohara sharply contrasts their brightness for what would be his final film, by decorating the walls of the Takuya household in a pristine chic white,which unwraps a peculiar atmosphere, via the sleazy sex and murderous perverted antics of the family unfolding against a perfect, clean backdrop. Backed by a pure 80's dark synch score, Takuya takes the (un- credited) Pinku incest drama of the script, and with the support of the pristine whites, pushes it into a heightened Soap Opera of slo-mo and even wind machines set on the hair of every actress. Returning to her family, pretty Kozue Tanaka gives a enticing performance as Yuko, whose ill-fitting status within her family over the relationship with her brother is wonderfully plucked by Tanaka,as a female leopard walks pass.

Reviewed by jpetion2012 1 / 10

What on Earth was this?

This is quite possibly the most disturbing movie that I've watched. I can't figure out what was the point of it.

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