Fighting Black Kings


Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 48

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Reviewed by snake1322 10 / 10

fantastic documentary on Karate competition

"Fighting Black Kings" is one of the best films ever made on the martial arts. Mosat films of this genre are action, but this piece displays the training, personalities and performance of a great period of global Karate interest. I also highlights the different styles of Karate, from the host Kyokushin to the popular Shotokan. One of the more enjoyable parts of the film is the hair styles ofd the time, featuring some incredible affros. Some will notice tat the fighters are not allowd to punch the head or face, which severely limits many competitors. the film does have anegative bias towards some amrtial arts such as Kung Fu, but this proobaly has mroe to do with rivalry than fact. The influence of Bruce Lee on the film is also felt, as many seem to copy him. If you want to see something tangible of Karate or Martial aRts in general, watch this film

Reviewed by JohnSeal 4 / 10

A genuine oddity

This bizarre documentary keeps popping up on the Black Starz premium channel, no doubt because of its title and the fact that three of the competitors in the film were African-American. If you approach this film expecting a Jim Brown asskick-athon, you're going to be deeply disappointed. It's actually a fairly staid look at an important karate championship held in Japan. The film was produced by Japan's Sankyo Motion Picture Company, which may explain why the (extremely brief) English language segments are so badly synced. A little revenge for years of badly dubbed Japanese films, perhaps? Probably of interest only to the hardest of hardcore martial arts buffs, Fighting Black Kings is definitely one of the odder features to pop up on cable.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Martial arts tournament documentary, 1970s style

I watched this on Amazon Prime under the title THE STRONGEST KARATE. It's a simple documentary cashing in on the martial arts craze of the 1970s by depicting participants of a tournament in Japan training and travelling to attend. It's very simplistic stuff, the footage mainly consisting of random people off the street strutting their stuff and occasionally taking part in staged demonstrations.

A film like this is only going to be of interest to martial arts aficionados because there's little context to be had and not as much scene-setting as I was hoping for. You do get to see combatants from different disciples showing off their art forms so it's a good introductory piece for anyone wanting to explore different styles and techniques.

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