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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rolfhu 6 / 10

Only the Nazis?

Sure it was bad what happened during the 2WW and the Germans still fell guilty. Today, others like US, Britain, France and many other doing the same. But there is no felling of guilty. The world is just is still the same, nobody really cares.

Doing the.

Reviewed by elizrug 9 / 10

It's good a film was made getting the POV of those who were a part of it, but who ere not convicted

It's not so much good for us viewers but for those who are questioned, to have to think about those questions and their actions and inactions. Unfortunately it doesn't quite answer any questions I may have had like, "Why did they allow it to happen?" because they said they would have been killed if they objected but there is no proof of that anywhere (as stated in the film). I've been to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka. I've seen it, and read loads about the subject, so yes, it's high time a doc was made like this, but still, no one knows why they did it. Collective insanity? Actual deep-seated hatred? Fear? Ignorance? Stupidity? Who knows. And until that answer is found is can happen again.

Reviewed by jrmcveigh 8 / 10

A shocking documentary

The last living Nazi's, some of which are still in denial, others/most are proud to have fought in the war, most are ashamed of the murders and one or two who are not ... I was left with a lump in my throat.

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