Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within


Action / Adventure / Animation / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 79264


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Donald Sutherland as Dr. Sid
Ming-Na Wen as Doctor Aki Ross
Alec Baldwin as Captain Gray Edwards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dannyboymw 4 / 10

A Spectacle

I'm writing this review two hours after seeing the movie for the first time. And after glancing through the reviews of both users and critics, I haven't seen a review that fully represents the movie accurately. The critics acknowledge the visual beauty but claim the plot is convoluted and that the performances are bad. Yes, visually, The Spirits Within is beautiful, even 16 years later. A couple lines were flat, sure, and the dialogue was occasionally (in the last 30 minutes) a little hokey, but not to the point of making the movie, itself, bad.

On the other hand, those who have given it high ratings say that the poor reception is a result of the west not used to Asian storytelling. I like anime and adore the Final Fantasy franchise, and Asian Cinema is among the best there is. I'm not going to talk about the visuals or the "asian way of doing things", because both have been done to death and I thought were fine. I am going to talk about the story and characters.

The first 25 minutes was great. World building, exposition, and character introductions were handled masterfully. In short, it was set up to be a great movie. The minutes devoted to developing plot points and the main characters were also done well, where the movie suffers is when it hits the back half. For those who have seen the movie, the pros are obvious, so I will only address the cons. Starting with, in my opinion, the biggest flaw.

the following contains story spoilers

The Antagonist: the General is introduced and set up beautifully, but early on he is suspicious of Gray, when he has no reason to be. From that point, he behaves with evil intent, but we are never told his reason for the way he is until he makes his move. For most of the movie, he is just bad for the sake of being bad, with no motivation what so ever, and when we are finally told it was, for me, unsatisfying. As a military man, it is his job to protect humanity from all invading forces (which the Phantoms appeared to be), but collateral damage be damned because "phantoms killed my wife and child." His objective for the entire movie is to fire the Zeus Canon and so he drops the shield to motivate the council to action, but when his plan backfires his change of heart comes out of nowhere, and so of course the only logical thing to do is commit suicide (again coming out of nowhere), but it has to be done in front of the computer that controls the Zeus Canon. Did I say he had a change of heart? When the council approves use of the canon, all remorse for his actions disappear because his plan succeeded, and collateral damage be damned! When he assumes command of the orbital space canon, they realize that if they fire on the target, civilians will be killed, but since they are in the way of the General's objective he doesn't care. Naturally the crew doesn't question it and they fire the canon to the point of the system over heating. Since the general is overcome with obsession (again, coming out of nowhere) he overrides the system and keeps firing until the canon, and him, explode. To be clear, I have no issue with his decent into madness or any of the things he does. I think he had potential to be a great antagonist, but each development in his character has no reason for it. His motivation does not explain his actions. As it is, he was a criminally undeveloped character.

The hanger scene: they left Ryan injured by the car with a gun. Sid was supposed to go back with his medical kit, but once he got to the ship, he just stayed there. Jane had time to find energy packs and return, but the doctor didn't have time to find a med pack (which is probably in a very specific place), or maybe he just didn't care. We don't know because the story also forgot about Ryan until it was convenient for him to save the day... why wasn't he fighting earlier? If he was in range, there were plenty of phantoms to be shooting at, particularly when Neil and Jane died... was he just watching that happen? In speaking of which, when Jane unloaded the rifle a) the fact that the rifles had limited ammo was distracting since up until that point, as far as we knew, they had unlimited ammo b) Neil had a gun. Why didn't she use Neil's gun. He didn't use it in that scene. Was he carrying an unloaded gun the whole time?

Conclusion: It is an entertaining movie, but since it had a terrible antagonist and convenient Deus Ex Machina's, it is not a great movie.

Reviewed by voltronluis 10 / 10

I Agree is a very good movie.

I Agree is a very good movie.

It is a movie that shows us different feelings through science fiction shows us an invaded world where the human species is in danger of extinction but in the end who is destroying the world are human beings that is why the planet defends itself from its depressants showing us some extraterrestrial beings where the whole plot is generated.

Excellent for that moment and continues to surpass today many films of its kind.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 7 / 10

The best yet sad film I have ever saw!

I found this film to have quite the best graphics and this is the First time in a really long time that I felt a like this, had the best storyline. I really mean it!

I have to say Alec Baldwin was the absolute best at voicing the young captain guy including Steve Buscemi who was pretty much acting as the immature clown of the team! Their characters were rather interesting in their personalities!

I have just realised that the actress Ming-Na Wen who voiced Doctor Aki Ross is also the voice of Disney Princess Mulan. I honestly did not know it was her since she not really a popular actress but a brilliant one! I'm very surprised that herself and Alec Baldwin weren't awarded for their involvement but still, that doesn't mean that they aren't good actors, they are just pros!

I'm glad to have seen this movie!

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