Final Frequency


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 70

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Luke Guldan as Paul Dahlset
Kirby Bliss Blanton as Esther Dahlset
Nikki SooHoo as Rocky
Richard Burgi as Cyrus Slanton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loyenfox 1 / 10

It's got to be the money laundering.. please, tell me it was the money laundering

I can't believe someone actually filmed, cut and released this drivel.

The colour grading alone is a major joke.

Add the terrible acting, hysterically terrible lines and writing.. and you get something unwatchable.

We should be PAID to watch this crap.

Reviewed by dlbott 4 / 10

Lost opportunity

It is too bad really, this film had great opportunities to expose actual technology WE have today. Have you ever had a random thought or word pop into your head, hmmm. There used to be some older video out there demonstrating early tech.

Think about all the PPL who COMMITTED terrible CRIMES N said the voices made me do it.

All based on SAME tech, sound N frequency.

Based on synopsis it had great potential but wow. IPhone slash iPad movies popping up everywhere that are just terrible lol.

My advice, don't waste your time, which is more valuable than the money you WASTE LOL.

Tesla was a genius that knew everything resonated at it's own frequency, find it and you can do amazing, or terrible things. He gave you almost everything you use N enjoy today. Some if not for GREED we we ould be, like wireless energy.


Reviewed by modem7 2 / 10

Absolutely awful

This movie feels like it was made by a first year film student, with about the same amount of budget.

Awful script, awful acting, zero understanding of scientific concepts.

Just... Avoid it and watch paint dry instead, it'll be better.

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