Finding Faith



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Reviewed by lovematter2011 10 / 10

Finding Faith

I rate this movie a 10. Message sent to every parent, everyone was an amazing eye opening. My children are girls and one of the worst fear I have is them being kidnapped. This movie is very nice to share to the school, youth group, or other organizations.

It was also nice as well to make as aware that in darkness, light will shine somehow. God is the key to all these. Things happen for a reason and we need to go with flow and TRUST IN HIM. Easy said and done but with the POSITIVE SUPPORT we have in our surroundings, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Messages to people who find to criticized this film is not necessary - JUST THINK OF THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE.

Again, thank you for sharing this film :)

Reviewed by erikamfv 10 / 10

Light in the darkness

Amazing film! Would recommend to all parents & teens to watch together. I was moved & captivated from beginning to end. We are blessed to watch from our cozy living rooms while others aren't so blessed & are victims to these predators. Life can change in an instant so films like this keep you aware & knowing God is in charge & to never lose your faith! Good will always prevail in the end. Thank you for making this film.

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