2022 [RUSSIAN]

Adventure / Animation

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by milanradicrs 10 / 10

Great animated movie!

Great animated movie! Friend's kid watched it, i joined in while i babysited him, only in the end it came to me that it was not Pixar or Disney made, as we all used to when it comes to animated movies these days. Shame it came out when it came, it would be ashame to goes by unnoticed because of the propaganda that goes on in west world at the moment.

I am watching how ppl rate it here, 1 star, ONE? Ridiculous... Forget about politics watch the cartoon for god sake, rate it's quality not the country it came from.

Reviewed by samueljohncrawford 1 / 10


Simply put this is an exceptionally lazy child's movie. The script is poor and silly, characters un-interesting and lacking depth, and animation is wooden. Avoid, it's not worth the 1.5 hour runtime.

This movie just contributes to a long line of pump and run productions aimed at children with the sole aim of generating profit. There's no love or care for anything here. No artistic vision, or attempt at introducing a single new concept or idea. Nothing about it is original and certainly not thought provoking.

These movies need to be made unprofitable. Also, there are only a handful of reviews against this movie here but each is curiously marking it 10/10 (which led me to give this one a try). They are obviously staged by people with a stake in this one. Don't believe them, this one is rubbish.

Reviewed by brock-henry 1 / 10

Terrible movie. Bad writing, bad animation, bad voice acting/dubbing.

This movie is truly terrible. Easily the worse movie I have ever seen. I was angry about 10 minutes into it, when I realised I had to sit through about 1:20. I'm still angry now, which is why I'm writing this.

It is like a 15 minutes TV cartoon stretched out to 1.5 hours by adding sounds effects like "aaaaah" "oooooh" "huh?". Like a writer from the Telly Tubbies accidently made a movie for 8 year olds.

Originally in Russian but dubbed poorly into English, to extract money from unsuspecting parents. This might even be worse than Russia invading Ukraine. I hope more of Russia's bridges get destroyed, in retaliation for this movie.

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