Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds



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Werner Herzog as Self - Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vaguira 9 / 10

Herzog magic of ol'

As a long-time admirer of Herzog, I wouldn't describe myself as free from bias. I approached this documentary with caution, given my recent experiences with some of his latest work (Family Romance Inc, et al). Without ruining your experience, there is one thing I could say about this documentary: it transmits the passion and drive of Herzog's golden days. Many of the clichés are still there (the soundtrack, for instance), but in a good way. Herzog meets an old friend and together they explore a fascinating topic: meteorites. In the long, silent shots of human faces, the Herzog magic of old re-emerges. As in the old days, Fireball is ultimately a human look no other director could provide. It doesn't have the slow pace of ol'; Herzog's interaction with Hollywood probably has a lot to do with that. But in the end, Fireball deserves to be seen. It is an intimate and colourful exploration of us and the rocks and dust that makes us.

Reviewed by davejenner 5 / 10

Some Jewel Moments, Many Boring

This film could've been fantastic, and there were some moments that were just amazing. But there were many moments where there was lots of slow moving music and slow moving B roll footage that was just absolutely boring and could've easily been edited out so as to not waste my time. Then there were moments where weirdos were interviewed and dance rituals performed which had no scientific bearing on this topic. Favorite part was the scientists in Antarctica and their experiences.

Reviewed by sgimera-34917 3 / 10

I love documentaries

But this was very dry and monotone throughout. Not very captivating or perhaps just too long for the material they cover.

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