First Date


Comedy / Crime / Mystery

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 73

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reginaldespiritu 9 / 10

Recommend for fans of Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, and Game Night

"First Date" is an ambitious thriller-comedy-action-romance independent movie, with quirky characters and several excellent action-driven set-pieces. Its themes are subtle, and there is substance underneath all of its flashy style; but it is not heavy-handed, and it is definitely entertaining. I was glued to the screen up to the end credits, not knowing where it will go next, or how it will end! I found the movie to be like an indie homage to wild action-comedies like Pineapple Express and Game Night, though it also has the quirky world and characters of a movie like The Big Lebowski. Being that it tackles so many different genres, some may take issue with the movie's mercurial tone... but in the end it is still a thrilling, entertaining movie. Watching it was a real rollercoaster of a ride, so if you're looking for a thrilling experience, check out this movie!

Reviewed by JasonMcFiggins 7 / 10

Funny, violent, and entertaining.

FIRST DATE is a movie that impressively walks the fine line between laugh out loud coming of age comedy, and anxiety inducing thriller. A small town full of oddball characters cause a teenage date night to go horribly awry: ruthless, crooked cops, a vicious drug ring (with a book club), and a crazed, trigger happy woman all cross paths with hilarious and violent results. A comical, double crossing, trust-no-one, crime spree mystery with a charasmatic lead (keep an eye on Tyson Brown, he could be a star). The action keeps the 2 young lovebirds apart for most of the film, and their strong chemistry makes you cheer for them to get together. Perhaps it feels a touch too long, but FIRST DATE is funny, sweet, erratic, and violent. Lively entertainment from start to finish.

Reviewed by rbaldigo-25231 5 / 10

5.5 - so "bad" it's good

It's definitely funny, and the combination of inept characters is spectacularly entertaining. Sometimes felt a bit overkill or some scenes felt a little random but it was an endearing kind of bad that made it enjoyable and funny. The beginning with Mike was rather slow,I can't say I didn't "wtf" a bunch of times or enjoy every second, but I really appreciate that it keeps the audience on their toes for the most part and it does comedic scenes well. And hey - it made it to Sundance which is a fantastic feat within itself so I don't say anything negative to rain on that parade. It's definitely worth a watch and will (of course) be some peoples cup of tea more than others, but you'll be hard pressed to get through the entire film without laughing :)

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