First Man



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by passions_requiem 4 / 10

Entertaining but scientifically inaccurate

This is an entertaining jump between the different stages of life that our ancestors went through on their way to becoming human. On the whole, it provides some great information about the steps that were taken, but mixed up among all of that is a lot of guesswork and straight up invented scenarios for the sake of drama. The beginning stages at 25 million years ago already have them acting more human than even modern chimpanzees, of which this is supposedly a common ancestor we share (Chimps and Humans share our last common ancestor between 10 and 8 million years ago)

The makeup is uncanny, and I never can forget that I'm just watching a bunch of humans in suits, which just never look very good? The Walking With Cavemen series looked far more convincing over 10 years ago.

The stories that are told can be entertaining, but the amount of baseless conjecture makes this absolutely useless as a documentary. I'd recommend Out of the Cradle as an alternative, which tells the story of our evolution with more up-to-date science than the Walking With series, but honestly they're both superior to this.

Reviewed by dbloob 3 / 10

Great production but filled with BS

This wasn't really scientific documentary. It had a lot of obvious mistakes and poor guess work just to add to the drama. Like inventing war and love and so BUT the biggest thing that ruined it was that it was an obvious feminism propaganda. Anything good or smart was either came from a female or by a beta male following the lead of a female. I was extremely disappointed by this propaganda taking over most of the movie and some of the science was a poor guess work at best.. I had high hopes for it but it was a letdown

Reviewed by diegop1982 10 / 10

Great documentary. Motivational and informative

Excellent documentary that shows the latest research and the most plausable scenario of how the big apes became the modern man. Loved the acting, narrative and effects. Some parts had More dramatic effect than real actor movies!! (The mother carrying his Child....)

Anti evolution people Will hate this because of course.

Ps. I wonder if Homo erectus looked so much like us?

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