Fish People

2001 [SPANISH]


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friendship masturbation

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Reviewed by mario_c 7 / 10

"- With what kind of idiots do you live?"

Alboroto (played by Juan Diaz) and Juan Carlos (David Tenreiro) are two friends that decide to occupy an empty house which belongs to Juan Carlos' aunt, without her consent. They make a plan to live in the house and rent some of the empty rooms, in order to earn some money for their own. As they don't have to pay any rent, it will be all profit! So, beside them, some other people start to live in the house: Edorta (Iñaki Esnaola), an antisocial guy that lives in his own room playing fighting videogames; James (Luke Donovan), a Irish guitar player that has a band in Spain and speaks Spanish in a very funny way; and Lucia (Diana Palazón), a beautiful Fine-Arts student that looks for a room… At the beginning everything seems to be fine, but then the peculiar personality of each one will ruin their relationship as house-partners. First, because no one wants to do anything to keep the house clean; the kitchen is a mess, the bathroom is just hilariously disgusting, the living room is in total disorder…That house is absolute anarchy! In maintenance or even in people's relationships!

That's definitely a different comedy, which explores the irresponsibility of young adults (those who live a reckless life) to the edge! It's funny, it's silly and it's pathetically hilarious at parts, but that's also an entertaining and enjoyable movie. What I appreciated the most were the jokes, of course, many are stupid but also hilarious, and the changing that some characters have in their behaviour, during the film. The ending is also fine.

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