Fit to Kill


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 4 10 903

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Julie Strain as Blu Steele
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Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Fit to Thrill.

Fit to Kill is the sequel to Hard Hunted, with villain Kane (R.J. Moore, Roger's son) once again causing trouble for the sexy federal agents of Molokai; this time, he's just one of several parties interested in laying their grubby mitts on a massive diamond stolen from Russia during WWII.

Clearly, in terms of plot, the film is not that different to Hard Hunted, but it does prove marginally more entertaining than its predecessor thanks to a lot more cheeze and the introduction of statuesque B-movie babe Julie Strain as deadly assassin Blu Steele **BA strikes a Zoolander pose as he types**, who 'steeles' the show with her killer bod and interesting choice of attire (eg. black body stocking with diamanté detailing).

The film opens with Donna and Nicole (Dona Speir and Roberta Vasquez) interrupted mid-frolic under a waterfall in order to take down a couple of gun-toting thugs; this scenario turns out to be nothing more than a paint-ball training exercise for the agents, very dumb since the girls are wearing skimpy, skin-tight cameo-gear that would leave them bruised for months if they were shot.

The action starts for real after the ladies are assigned to attend a swanky party where the diamond is to be returned to Russia by current owner Mr.Chang. The jewel is stolen before it can be handed over, and it is up to the big-breasted babes to apprehend those responsible. From hereon-in it's the usual succession of dumb gun-fights, explosions, and soft-core sexual interludes (including a doozy with Vasquez), only sillier and even more tongue-in-cheek than before.

Fit to Kill features such trashy nonsense as a visit to the shop that satisfies director Sidaris' s craving for remote control vehicles, the same pair of bumbling assassins that messed up their hits in the previous two movies screwing up yet again, Cynthia Brimhall posing for a erotic photo session, buxom DJ Ava (Ava Cadell) lounging around at KSXY radio with her equally top-heavy assistant Sandy (Sandra Wild), and R.J. Moore fantasising about being Bond.

Best of all, though, is Blu indulging in a spot of slap 'n' tickle with Burke (Brett Baxter Clark), captain of Kane's yacht: as the pair get down to business, the horny hit-woman utters the immortal line ' You naughty nautical boy'. Hilarious!!!

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Intended to be the last of his films...

L.E.T.H.A.L. agents Donna and Nicole are back, doing what they do best - wearing swimwear and getting into hot tubs. No, I'm being silly. What they do best is spy action and here, they're protecting Mr. Chang, a wealthy Asian businessman, and keeping his rare diamond out of the hands of a jewel thief.

Increasingly, the plot of Andy Sidaris movies are becoming McGuffin laden adventures that the G.I. Joe team would undertake, but the Joes never got Lady Jaye, Scarlett, The Baroness and Zarana to strip down to their thongs. Such is the wonder and genius of Mr. Sidaris' oeuvre.

If you're wondering, "Will bumbling agents attempt to use remote control weapons to kill our heroines?" Good news. The answer is yes. Their names are Evel and Kenevil this time.

You may also ask, "Do my favorites come back?" Sure they do. Everyone from Skip, Ava, Edy, Shane, Lucas and Bruce are here. None of the guys can shoot a gun to save their lives, even seven movies down the road.

Kane (R.J. Moore, son of James Bond's Roger) is back, as he's just one of the bad guys out to steal that massive diamond, which was liberated from Russia at the end of World War II. Rodrigo Obregon also comes back as yet another bad guy, but at least he has Julie Strain as Blu Steele, a new and dangerous villain for the ladies to battle.

Then you may ask, "Is she going to be a good guy in the next movie?" You've seen too many Andy Sidaris movies. Go outside and get in the sun for a bit.

This was meant to be the end to the series and it is Dona Speir's seventh and final time appearing in one of the L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies movies. But come on. The saga must continue.

I recently read on Twitter that the women of Andy Sidaris movies have more backstory than Black Widow in the Marvel Universe movies. That's kind of sad, really. Who knew that a director who mainly liked to show silicone-enhanced breasts would be more woke than people making multiplex pleasing films twenty plus years later?

Well, this one ends with a hot tub party instead of an after the credits reveal. That's the world of Andy Sidaris, protecting the world, saving giant diamonds and having heaving mammaries pop into your face every ten seconds.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Andy Sidaris does it again

Chinese businessman Chang (well played by Aki Aleong) owns the fabulous Alexa diamond, which he plans on giving back to Russia. However, cunning criminal mastermind Kane (smoothly essayed by Geoffrey Moore) steals said diamond. It's up to a crack team of federal agents to retrieve the diamond before a major international war breaks out. Writer/director Andy Sidaris once more delivers yet another blithely silly'n'trashy cinematic cocktail of plentiful tasty female nudity, sizzling soft-core sex scenes, an musing sense of self-mocking goofy humor, cool gadgets, huge splashy explosions, globe trotting locations, and maladroitly staged action set pieces. Moreover, Sidaris even tosses in a gloriously surreal and ridiculous sub-James Bond dream sequence just for the hell of it. The usual array of lovely ladies adds immensely to the considerable entertainment value: busty blonde Dona Speir as the feisty Donna Hamilton, yummy brunette Roberta Casquez as Donna's sassy partner Nicole Justin, delectable redhead Cynthia Brimhall as sultry singer Edy Stark, the luscious Ava Cadell as sexy-voi9ced disc jockey Ava, and, best of all, the impossibly statuesque Julie Strain as lethal assassin Blu Steele, who gets a great introduction scene working out in a skimpy swimsuit. Sidaris film regular Rodrigo Obregon has a refreshing change of pace goody guy role as suave Russian envoy Mikael Pekov, Bruce Penhall contributes an engaging turn as affable hunk Bruce Christian, and Tony Peck does well as no-nonsense superior Lucas. Mark Morris' bright cinematography gives the picture a pleasing sunny look. Richard Lyons' funky-bouncy score keeps things bouncing along. A total blast.

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