Five Guns to Tombstone

1960 [ITALIAN]


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Willis Bouchey as George Landon
Gregg Palmer as Mel Dixon
James Brown as Billy Wade
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by classicsoncall 5 / 10

"Anybody who doesn't wanna hang, step out and get shot!"

Great name for a Western flick, but that's the only draw for this run of the mill 'B' programmer that doesn't even have a name actor in the leading role. You'll have to keep track of a good guy being a bad guy being a good guy before it's all over, as Billy Wade (James Brown, but not any of the ones you know) tries to get the drop on villain Ike Garvey (Walter Coy) and convince his nephew Ted (John Wilder) that he's not part of the Garvey gang. There's a half million dollars in cash riding in on the stagecoach to make things interesting, but didn't it strike you as odd that Garvey would empty those two strongboxes filled with bills and coins right out on top of a massive rock outcrop? Couldn't you just picture a big wind whipping up a la 'Sierra Madre' and blowing the whole shebang away in a heartbeat? You know, they never showed the cash again, so who knows?

Caught this on the Encore Western channel today, intrigued by the title, but not much of a thriller. No Wyatt Earp or OK Corral, just your standard formula Western with the hero committed to a date at the altar in the finale, which even a bullet couldn't prevent.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 4 / 10

I sorta figure blood is thicker than good resolutions...

Five Guns to Tombstone is directed by Edward L. Cahn and collectively written by Ricahrd Schayer, Jack De Witt and Arthur Orloff. It stars James Brown, Walter Coy, Robert Karness and Willis Bouchey. Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter share composing duties and Maury Gertsman provides the cinematography.

Not a lot to write home about here, where the plot treads familiar ground as reformed outlaw gets roped into bad ways again, and his brother is involved in the mess that follows. As some Western fans have rightly spotted, this is a remake of Ray Nazarro's Gun Belt from 1953. Itself not a great film, it is however the one to seek out in preference to this offering.

Though made in 1960 this actually feels more like a 1940s Western, where an air of serial sogginess hangs over proceedings. Cahn appears to be one of those jobbing directors who studios turned to to haul a pic in on time. Everything is competently staged, the action etc, and the landscapes pleasing, but excitement is in short supply and the finale doesn't pay off for time invested in viewing. 4/10

Reviewed by rooster_davis 3 / 10

Five Tons to Tombstone

Wow, this is not a very good movie. The story line is really lame. One character shows up in town after a bank holdup in which he was not involved - but one of the robbers said he was, so when he comes to town everyone is ready to hang him immediately based on the say-so of a robber who WAS there robbing the bank. Not very likely. And when Ike Garvey opens the strongboxes full of cash onto an uneven-surface rock, what was he thinking? I could just see the money falling off and all over the place. Worst of all perhaps, I had to feel sorry for the horses - 3/4 of the actors in this film were somewhere between chubby and downright obese. Ike Garvey (again), the main bad guy, was particularly huge - from the back he looked just like his horse. I think his gun belt was full of Tootsie Rolls where there normally would be bullets. Anyhow, I've actually seen worse Westerns, but offhand I can't think which one(s). This movie is really lukewarm; the only actor I liked at all was James Brown, who was the marshal in the movie Gun Street. He plays a pretty good 'perturbed by life' Western character. The rest of 'em can all go to Weight Watchers.

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