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Julia Roberts as Dr. Rachel Mannus
Kevin Bacon as David Labraccio
Oliver Platt as Randy Steckle
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Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 8 / 10

Flatliners (1990 & 2017)

Five students of medicine begin to explore life after death, by stopping their own hearts in controlled conditions, and then reanimate after a few minutes. Each of them, at some point in their lives, intentionally or accidentally, hurt or even was responsible for the death of another person. After awakening from clinical death, their sins from the past, in the form of aggressive hallucinations, return to bite their ass, and they must find a way to redeem themselves before it's too late. This is the backbone of both scenarios, but the stories are quite different, so, even though I watched both movies the same day, it was not boring at all. Although it is possible to pair characters from both films based on essential characteristics, their sex, race and background stories are quite different. The story is more complex in the remake and the effects are incomparably better, but the actors and their performances can not be compared with the original cast, that includes Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin and Oliver Platt. Kiefer Sutherland also appears in the remake, but in a completely irrelevant role. While the atmosphere of the original is dark, mystical and balancing between drama and horror, keeping you in a constant state of tension, remake for the most part has a sterile SF atmosphere, with unconvincing characters, and only in the last third it's gaining strength. Although, if I had not watched the original, compared to which it was much worse, I might have given it a slightly higher rating.

1990 - 8/10 2017 - 6/10

Reviewed by lucienstephens 9 / 10

interesting and intriguing movie that has stood the test of time.

I watched this movie yesterday evening after I had seen it lurking on a charity shop shelf early that day. I cannot believe I have never seen it. This movie is everything I want a good thriller to be like, its intriguing, its gripping, and the plot and story is so interesting that it has left me still thinking about it the next day. I love movies that keep you you thinking and working things out days after watching it. The movies unique story line focuses primarily on life after death. this topic works so well into a movie because no one actually knows what happens after death. It mixes in messages of Karma, unfinished business to create a haunting and intense atmosphere. My only con is that it could have all been sown together a little better and potentially been a little more stylised. But who am I kidding this movie was made in 1990 which leads me on to my next point that this movie is timeless and will be continually hated for years to come.

Reviewed by Sherparsa 1 / 10

potentially fine movie ended up a failure!

I liked the subject matter of this movie: some adventurous young scientists so curious to find out what happens after death they're willing to give it a try and risk their own lives and die for a few minutes ...

it's a well made movie too, technically speaking ... exploring morals and human conscience are also among the good aspects of this movie, although not quite deeply exploredm while the director does waste viewer's time by repeating certain scenes although in slightly different ways ...

but then trying to prove God exists via a topic that has very little to do with the concept of God and rather related to religion and spirituality, is what made me give it 1 star only ... for the sake of entertainment alone ...

the atheist doc doesn't know what atheism is all about and maybe that's why he ends up believing in God, even apologizing 'the man' for having interfered with affairs he -now- believes are only God's expertise ... (how 'bout the university this young doc is studying medicine in gives God a PhD or something in theology perhaps?)

i don't say this movie is not worth seeing but if you're a hardcore atheist (i'm not) you may as well not quite like this movie's 'religious message' ...

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