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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
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Rob Gough as Lance
Steven Bauer as Joseph
Cathy Moriarty as Gloria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tchchs-1 10 / 10


Great watch. Glassed this with my bebeh at the drive-in

Acting was solid, story was engaging, cinematography was great. The most impressive performance by the bearded actor, Tim Sugara. He can really pretend like he's on a phone call. You could really feel the machines within his brain working overtime to really keep you glued to the screen.

Only qualm I have with the film is probably the big sloppers (editing mistakes) that I caught here and there. Even with those state droopers (editing mistakes) it still made me come, to tears during some of the more poignant moments.

Here's a list of pros and cons. Pros -Tense scenes, really gripped me -Great sound design -Excellent score.

Cons -I heard Tim tripped during a basketball game. I hope it didn't hamper what could have been an oscar winning performance.

Reviewed by Theedg3 7 / 10

Can Tell The Director Was Influenced by Good Time, Drive

This is a solid crime that not many people are talking about. Most of you will know the lead actor (Daniel Zovatto) in the film as the dick boyfriend of Rocky in the movie Don't Breathe. The film is also full of strong veteran actors that we all know like Cathy Moriatry, Steven Bauer, David Proval and a little appearance from funnyman Tom Segura. Great to see Buddy Duress again, he stole the show in the movie Good Time in a classic scene, guy deserves more work. Tilda Cobham-Hervey steals the show in this one as Mia.

The film has the smooth electronic 80s tunes that really can pull together scenes, as you can see the director was influenced by cult classic Drive. Can see he was influenced by crazy director Winding-Refn.

It moves at a good pace, does not rush, or seem too slow. Performances are strong across the board, the cast was chosen wisely. Dialogue feels real, not too over the top, the plot is easy to follow with a nice twist you won't see coming a mile away.

If you dig the crime genre, this is one to take a look at. This movie stuck with me for a few days after - which is always a great sign. Also feels like a movie that will get better with multiple views.

Who knew a flick about a hitman who lives with his mother would be so compelling. You will think about the word Flinch differently after seeing this.

Reviewed by stevenhadaegh-85818 10 / 10

This was the best crime movie I've seen since Brawl in Cell Block 99

This movie was terrific and I don't understand why it isn't being talked about more. The budget was obviously relatively low, but in my mind that only adds to it, making it feel a little bit grittier. Its score by Miami Nights 1984 gives it a DRIVE kind of feel, but it looks a lot like an Abel Ferrara film like BAD LIEUTENANT or KING OF NEW YORK. There were a couple of Scorsese veteran actors in David Proval (MEAN STREETS) and Cathy Moriarty (RAGING BULL), as well as Steven Bauer (Manny in SCARFACE). Daniel Zovatto is the lead. He doesn't strike me as quite the actor the others in the film are, but his charisma carries him through. Tilda Cobham-Hevey really steals the show here. I had never heard of her before, but she is really beautiful and gives a tremendous performance. Another scene-stealer is Buddy Durress, whom you will remember as Ray from GOOD TIMES. I hope to see him in more films. Last I knew, he was in and out of jail. If he can manage to stay out, he's a solid actor.

This is a terrific movie. Going into this, I knew there was a twist in the third act (a review let that slip), but even though I was looking for it I still had no inkling what that twist would be, and writer-director Cameron Van Hoy pulled that off beautifully. I really truly love this film and will be returning to it in the years to come.

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