1974 [SWEDISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 362

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisw-3 7 / 10

Other review incorrect

Sol says: The beautiful Maria Lynn/Marie Forsa is similarly well-cast as Mac Ahlberg's FLOSSIE, a film that only flirts with hardcore -perhaps its main defect.

Not actually true. The film features plenty of hardcore footage of fellatio and intercourse. The film only lacks the current obsession with male ejaculation.

The film is beautifully lit and filmed, and the lead actress is adorable. I'd describe it as an excellent "couples movie", unlike the vast majority of the current product. It is explicit, without being gynecological.

Reviewed by augustian 7 / 10

Sexy Scandi porn and humour

Mac Ahlberg has come up with a winner in this porn film. Marie Forsa is superbly cast as Flossie the young girl who entrances embassy worker, Jack Archer (Jack Frank) as well as entrancing the male population who see this film. Marie Forsa oozes innocence as well as sexuality which explains her popularity. We must not forget the other beautiful women who appear here.

Maybe the film has been censored to some degree because although Jack Frank appears several times with an erection and there are a number of sex scenes, there are no climax shots and no penetration shots that we get in hard porn nowadays. There are some imaginative scenes such as the orgy scene in which a blindfolded Jack has a threesome in front of an audience; and another scene in which a local stud has the pick of several girls.

Overall, this film combines very sexy girls with a good script, the only blot though is a too frequent use of the close-up of faces when a bit of restraint to show those beautiful bodies would not have gone amiss. Well worth seeing though.

Reviewed by annieweeks2 9 / 10

Spoiler Content Contained Below

Forsa as Flossie gives one of the most realistic portrayals of a vagina steaming ("V Steam" as recently coined by Gwyneth Paltrow) ever filmed. Her boy-toy, Jack, asks her friend, Eva, to coach him through a session of steaming Flossie's vagina. The most hardened viewer could not help but to shed a few tears! The scene is reminiscent of the sadness felt when watching Bambi's mother being killed by thoughtless hunters. At least that poor deer's vagina wasn't steamed! But Flossie's was steamed... and then Eaten! Come to think of it, Gwyneth Paltrow's probably was, too. This movie evokes deep thoughts, as you can deduct from this review.I was as impressed by the steamer as I was Flossie's nipples and Jack's tongue. And his knees are to die for!

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