Flying Colors


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 3222

based on true story high school school

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phlanders-belgium 8 / 10

Flying Colours (2015) - Japan

A sexy hard body goes blonde in Japan, but faced with a difficult father and a brother who gets all the attention (from the father) becomes competitive. Her almond eyes determine to make it or else.

She enrolls in a cram school to study for university, but not any university, the most elite of Tokyo universities.

She works with a dedicated teacher who puts skin in the game and dedicates himself to her. No hanky panky though. Why? He is gay. Any hetero would have done her. It is inevitable with those looks and smooth clean body, but he is uninterested despite her showing skin. The film hints that the teacher may be involved with the headmaster.

Good story and lots of fun.

Reviewed by loinclothcodpiecemanowimp 9 / 10

Looks Hooks And Books

What a great film. A hidden gem. Are Japa films like this? More importantly and immediately, do Japa chicks look like this? I guess everyone would point to the scene where she arrives at school, but as glorious as that is I also look at her school scenes and the fun the chicks have at the end of the film. Heck, even the mummy is a yummy mommy if she pout on a miniskirt.


Reviewed by harry-klausner 8 / 10

Every Girl Could Be A Poster On My Wall

Look at these girls.. they are slender, pretty, have feminine hair and are clean without ink and piercings... American women should watch and be inspired... but they won't... keep eating pizza chubsters Anyway, the film is beautiful, funny, serious, thematic and a story of determination and preservation.

Well done, Japan.

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