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Kenneth Welsh as Father Crighton
David Paymer as Mr. Finkelstein
Meat Loaf as Fred
Tedde Moore as Woman #1 in Theater
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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 4 / 10

almost totally empty

Arthur Miller has always been known as one of America's great playwrights for works such as "Death of a Salesman" and "The Crucible". "Focus" is one of his lesser known plays brought to the silver screen. However, knowing what a great playwright Arthur Miller is, I doubt that his original play was very much like the movie. The movie comes across as empty and formulaic, with William H. Macy as a non-Jew mistaken for a Jew by anti-Semitic neighbors in WWII Brooklyn. Don't get me wrong: the acting is OK, and I presume that the people behind this movie were probably trying to make a point about racism, but the movie just doesn't work. Macy, Laura Dern and David Paymer just can't create an effective story with the material here.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 7 / 10

Terrific Performances and a finely tuned story

One of Arthur Miller's finest works, Focus, comes to the screen and while there was a lot to like about the movie, some of it seemed like it was almost unreal (though I'm not sure if that's in a good or bad way).

William H. Macy, great as always, plays Lawrence Newman, average Joe and good guy in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1940's who finds he needs a new pair of specs. Unfortunately, his choice of glasses makes him appear to be, well, Jewish, as this seems to his mother from the start. Lawrence tries to ignore the ignorance and bigotry in his neighborhood against the Jewish people, but with a string of events involving his neighbors (Meat Loaf, David Paymer), and a new girlfriend (Laura Dern in one of her best performances) who knows what trouble Lawrence is in, push him into the conflict of his life.

Often, Focus, delivers a poignant, startling and smart story in showing a character with so much at stake it is making him insane. Macy and the rest of the cast are so close to perfect and if only for them make this a must see. Not to dissapoint the fans of Miller's book, I suppose, but if it does then that is just another flaw. B+

Reviewed by edwagreen 8 / 10

Focus Needs Some of That ***

An interesting film which is a take-off of the 1947 Oscar winner "Gentleman's Agreement." In this version, a non-Jewish couple is mistaken for Jewish and they soon view all the indignities that anti- Semitism brings-rejection at hotels, violence, cursing, the whole 9 yards.

William H. Macy was very appealing as the personnel director who is demoted. When he wears his new glasses, he is taken for Jewish as well as his future wife who is supposed to be the stereotype of the Jewish woman-loud, colorful clothes, etc.

The picture really shows the degree of hatred existing in the U.S. during the waning days of World War 11.

The ending is uplifting when the couple is forced to take a stand after an assault.

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