Foo Fighters: Back and Forth


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by henrik_r 10 / 10

Fantastic documentary

This was a musical journey that I really recommend people even remotely interested in Foo Fighters and their music to see. Little did I know sitting down in the cinema about the background stories of this constellation of musicians calling themselves Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl as the obvious front figure, with his friend and bass player Nate Mendel as a constant team member, are taking the viewers on a trip from the Nirvana days up to the recording of Foo Fighters' latest studio album 'Wasting Light'.

The film is humorous, intense, sensitive and enlightening, and with constant sequences of a variety of the group's musical contributions being showed, a span from intimate rock club gigs to the great Wembley shows in 2008 can be enjoyed. Dave Grohl is giving a lot away from things that affected the band's development, positive or negative. Interviews are mixed with pieces of songs and live performances.

This is a perfect warm-up for the up and coming album, that in the cinema was accentuated by the close-to-one-take-shot of a live studio performance, where the band is playing all songs from the newest album in a row, without a crowd or any small talk in between the songs. A perfect end to an amazing documentary.

Reviewed by pirossi 10 / 10

A perfect biopic of a great band

I enjoyed every minute of this movie.

It's a story about a band, its members, their ups and downs and their struggle for success. It has a very positive vibe. Interviews are mixed with on-stage performance clips therefore it's filled with good music.

Dave Grohl also tell us about band's Nirvana heritage or burden as you like.

I especially like scenes from a pool party at the end, when they hanged with their families while recording "Wasting Light". It's so funny and emotional at the same time. After all Foo Fighters are family guys. James Moll did a great job.

"Back and Forth" is a must see for every true fan of Foo Fighters.

Reviewed by cox_oneshotprogress 10 / 10

All My Life....

As a life long fan of the Foo's i thought this would be good viewing but that i wouldn't learn anything new.

Before watching this,i had read an interview with Dave Grohl in which he stated that nothing was held back for this movie. He had the first viewing once it was completed and informed the rest of the band members that they would all find something in it which may make them feel uncomfortable. That's the idea of the movie though, to get everything out in the open. Everything from Pat Smear's departure to Taylor Hawkin's drug problem, keeps you thoroughly engaged throughout.It takes you from Dave's Nirvana days all the way through to the latest album "Wasting Light".

It's funny, intense, inspiring and helps you to understand what has gone in to making Foo Fighters the rock gods that they are today.

Whether you are a fan of their music or not i could not recommend this highly enough!

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