For the Sake of Vicious


Action / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 119

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sg-622-213972 8 / 10

Compelling and gory

"For the Sake of Vicious" is like Blue Ruin dialled up to eleventy-stupid; tense, compelling and gory.

Reviewed by lukem-52760 1 / 10


Absolutely ridiculous trash!!! The violence was good & realistic but everything else was so stupid that i couldn't get into it & all suspense was wasted because of the situation, we have a nurse & a vigilante & a hostage in a small suburban house in a neighbourhood on Halloween night & we have a gang laying Seige to that house & there's lots of shootings & fighting & screaming & yet NO ONE HEARS OR SEES A THING????? ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT when everyone is out Trick or Treating & the streets are busy & no one hears or sees a thing? & the gang arrived on motorbikes!!!! Utter bullshi# & that ruined any believability in the supposed to be a very serious story about Child rape & vigilante justice but it's all ruined by the disbelief of all that i mentioned.

The main guy vigilante is a troubled father, who looks like Tom Green, & he captured the man he believes raped his little girl & all that part of the story is done fairly well & disturbing with it's flashbacks & the performances are ok for this type of cheap flick but it's all un-done by the silliness of all i mentioned & sucked me right out of the film, i liked the brutality & i totally agree with Vigilante justice & all child abusers should be brutally EXTERMINATED but the film as a whole was badly done.

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