Forces of Nature


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 31526


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Ben Affleck as Ben
Sandra Bullock as Sarah
Maura Tierney as Bridget
Michael Cudlitz as Bartender
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csauer 10 / 10

I'm sorry, I liked it

I read the user comments and was reluctant to view this movie. Well I'm sure glad I went against the crowd. This is a good movie! What more could you ask for. (Sandy is great) The scene I adored is when Sarah is beckoning Ben to come and dance. If a women ever did that to me I would run to her. I really enjoyed the ending but I won't discuss that. There were enough laughs to keep it lite and enjoyable. The gay bar was a real hoot. Ben did a superb acting job doing his dance all be it Sandy does'st hurt the eyes. The one thing I liked is this movie is not a tear jerker. Most of Sandy's movies have me shedding tears like a water works. The story line surely shows that people live their lives in very different ways and that gives the movie credence. What's to not like? Easy to follow has Sandy in it what more could you want? One criticism, what did they use to put on sandy's eye makeup on a putty knife?

Reviewed by liannesang 10 / 10

This movie is so quirky and offbeat that it's really good!

I don't know why many people diss this movie because it's actually really good. Who better to have than Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock? They are perfect in their roles as "Ben" and "Sarah". But I have to say if Sandra Bullock wasn't in this movie, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as it is. There are a lot of laughs but not so much that it goes over the top and there is a lot of drama in it too. It's a perfect mix. The camera angles make this movie very unique too.

So the next time you're in blockbuster and you're contemplating on what to rent, you should rent "Forces of Nature" because it's the kind of film that will literally make you smile the whole way through.

4 Stars out of 5

Reviewed by longislandlloyd 6 / 10

Hollywood Morality

I think the song "Love the One You're With", which played prominently in "Forces of Nature", told the entire tale. Few Hollywood celebs take relationships and marriages seriously, and they seem to last only until the next casting comes along. I never saw a movie with so many negative remarks about marriage, and with Ben Affleck's romance record, he could have written the script all by himself. While the movie had its funny and "oh, not again" moments, there just seemed to be that underlying feeling that Ben's marriage may never happen and he has discovered that his buddies are right.."Why tie yourself down to one woman when there are so many others out there interested in you". Even when Ben decided that he'd better do the right thing and marry his fiancée, he just didn't seem to make the decision with all his convictions. It's definitely "art imitating life" when it comes to love commitments in Hollywood. As far as all the symbolism many people have written about here, it's just hard to take any of it seriously in this love farce of a movie. The only symbolism that I took to heart was Stephen Stills' song of free love. "So if you're down and confused (and just waiting for something to do") on commitment and marriage, and you think that Sandra Bullock is hot enough to break up a romance, then "Forces of nature" is the perfect movie for you.

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