Forever in My Heart



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Merritt Patterson as Jenna Slade
Jack Turner as Charlie O'Hanlon
Blake Berris as Dave Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10

Family, friendship, career and then romance are not the best order to choose life's path

Yes, it is another simple Hallmark made for TV romance themed film but Mrs. Shullivan and I are hunkering down during the Corona Virus 19 pandemic and we are a bit choosy about what we want to watch on TV. It was no surprise that we both enjoyed this simple little film as our own first trip together was to the beautiful country side of Ireland where the pubs are many and the food hearty and bountiful such as it was in this romantic themed made for TV film.

The two lead actors Merritt Patterson and Jack Turner certainly had feelings for each other but as in all realistic scenarios they had their own careers to follow and so they fell out of touch with one another through the subsequent years. We as all humans have a memory bank of both the good times and bad times we have experienced with some of our memories harder to forget than others. Such is the case with these two star crossed lovers Jenna Slade and Charlie O'Hanlon.

As life and time goes by, (and time stands still for no man nor woman), Jenna and Charlie have moved on, or so they thought until five years later they find themselves in the boutique hotel that Charlie's father owns and runs. Economics have not been good to the hotel or to the O'Hanlon's who have fallen on some recent hard times and Jenna takes it upon herself to help Charlie's father bring new life back into the hotel and maybe, just maybe rekindle some of the old feelings that Jenna and Charlie once shared in good times past.

As I am from Irish heritage I have a soft spot for any film surrounding the countryside of Ireland, and although actor Jack Turner's Irish accent left a lot to be desired the story is a favorable one, the romance rekindled and a happy ending in these troubled times (COVID 19) are always a blessing we all need.

I give this particular Hallmark made for TV romance a strong Irish blessing score of 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by skpn123 9 / 10

Fun, gentle and enjoyable film about love that endures

This is a lovely film with great chemistry between the actors and a competent cast across the board. Does not follow the formulaic romantic movie plot which was refreshing.

I have taken off one point as the Irish accent of the lead was a little less than and maybe a tiny bit slow at the beginning but overall was a special and enjoyable watch..

Reviewed by MIssM19 5 / 10

This could have been a special movie but...

Jack Turner and the plot convinced me to watch this movie: two exes reuniting and getting a second chance? That's a yes from me. However... It was kind of disappointing: I don't feel there was any chemistry between the actors. It was kind of slow, and there were no fun moments, nor any major scene/problem between the leads. I don't think it got my full attention at any point during the hour and half. You know what to expect from a Hallmark movie, but this wasn't it.

I appreciate the original plot. The location was beautiful. I didn't hate it, I liked it but I think a few things were missing that could have made this movie special. I'm actually sad that i'm giving this 5 stars. This had so much potential but it just didn't work for me.

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