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Tania Saulnier as Julia / Catherine
Kelly Thiebaud as Grace
Greg Evigan as Charles Drake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10

Found indeed

I don't actually know why I rented this (I guess I give every movie the benefit of the doubt), but I can tell you it is almost harder finding this on IMDb, then in your videostore (highly unlikely and not true, just saying). There are quite a few movies that have the title Found. And although it is kinda fitting to this one (can't say anything about the other movies), it's still not helping the movie being any better than it actually is.

The acting is really very low standard (if you want to call it that), there are few things that don't seem to make much sense (not that you would actually be inspired by the movie to use your brain), but have a twist along the line that make them sort of plausible (information is the key word here). If you keep "not using your brain" that is. I guess you could have some fun with this, if you let yourself, but in the end, it isn't really any good

Reviewed by sol1218 6 / 10

For that kind of money I'd also kill someone!

***SPOILERS*** It's when this mystery man Roger Whittaker, Victor Brown, showed up unexpectedly and unannounced at the Laken's Charles & Ellen, Greg Evigan & Joanna Cassidy, front door at their Sarasota Florida home that their lives suddenly turned upside down. Claiming to be a private investigator Whittaker tells the shocked couple that he not only located their long lost adopted daughter Catherine, Tania Saulnier, but in fact has her with him to present to them!

At first thinking that this guy Whittaker is some kind of con artist in wanting to get the $200,000.00 reward for finding their lost daughter Catherine the Lakens' soon find out that both he and she are the real McCoy! That's until local police detective Conroy, Glenn Herrera, started sticking his big nose into the matter and came up with a number of major inconsistencies in Whittaker's and "Catherine's" story! In the fact that they both knew, in the biblical sense of the word, each other and were a lot closer then they lead everyone, including the Laken's, to believe!

There are surprises galore in "Found" with the biggest coming at the end of the movie in just what was not only behind Catherine's disappearance with her nanny back when she was 8 years old some 16 years ago but what was the person behind it. And even more shocking what exactly happened to her and her nanny that turns out to be the key to this whole mystery!

***SPOILERS*** We soon learn that the smooth talking and sure of himself Whittaker in fact turns out to be a fellow called Vince the bartender from Phoenix Arizona who had concocted this whole fake story of finding Catherine to get the reward money. Later feeling he's being short changed Whittaker got a bit too greedy when he found out that the Laken's had set up a trust fund for Catherine that amounted to over 14 million dollars that she can live off from when she turned 21. Even though at the time she or whoever the person who claimed to be Catherine was 24 years old! What's by far the biggest surprise in the movie is who exactly was behind this scam in the first place. And what exactly were his, or her, reasons for doing it besides the money which turned out to be a secondary issue! In that person trying to save his neck, when the truth was about to come out, in something that happened in him pulling off Catherine's disappearance that carried the death penalty in the state of Florida not a 10 to 20 year sentence for kidnapping and extortion!

Reviewed by caa821 5 / 10

Average fare

A lot of "Lifetime" flicks have their resident "sociopaths." So does this one, although it's not necessarily the one whom you'd expect, when revealed towards the end.

I noticed this film listed when I was looking-up something for that evening, and had an unexpected couple of hours to kill. Tuned it in, although I didn't know any of the leads except Joanna Cassidy, vaguely.

The writers have inserted a few of the kinds of twists inevitable in this type story. The don't surprise at all, but each one has two or three variations which might have been chosen - so the only mystery is which will be the one they chose.

At the outset, when the 24-year-old daughter reappears, having been kidnapped at age 8, for about 30 seconds you might expect it could be a story where the remainder will deal with her reconciliation, adjusting to life back in the old homestead/town, etc.

However, there never appeared to be much chance of this, and the emotional displays of all concerned were about on the level you'd expect (maybe less) upon finding a lost pet turtle.

You soon know that there will be the fore-mentioned "twists," and some supposedly dark and dangerous revelations to ensue.

The problem is that the writers/director/actors never really raise any proverbial "head of steam," there's nothing which could frighten the viewer, and nothing which either makes one gasp or make the kind of comment you might expect during any real dramatic moments (none of which appear here).

Pretty much average, and would be rated lower except for nice scenery/locale and an attractive cast of the four leads and some of the support thespians.

While there was a bit of brandishing of weaponry, this was logical where involved, and thankfully this film omitted anyone running amok with butcher knives, heavy scissors or hedge trimmers.

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