Four Hours at the Capitol



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Reviewed by Lejink 8 / 10

Anarchy in the U.S.A.

I remember watching the live news coverage on the Capitol Building on January 6th as it was relayed on TV late at night into my home. It seemed eincredible that such a thing was actually happening in the perceived great bastion of Western Democracy, but there it was, in front of my own eyes, a large mob taking over the American parliament during the session at which the recent election result was to be ratified, confirming the end of Donald Trump's highly controversial presidency.

As the day begins, we hear Trump's address to his followers, promoting his belief that the election had been fixed against him and encouraging his supporters to march to "stop the steal" to coin his own phrase. And so a massive crowd estimated at 15000, from different parts of the country gathered to make their dissent known to their own lawmakers. Meanwhile, of course, Trump was out on the golf-course and besides the inflammatory speeches he'd made since the election count went against him, had already stated he wouldn't do the traditional thing and attend new president Biden's inauguration ceremony..

This gripping 90 minute documentary showed what happened and woman-f at first hand with mobile phone, body-cam and interior CCTV footage showing the rioters' violent rampage into the once-hallowed building, overrunning in the process, the thinly spread official police protection on duty that day. Chronicled as it happened, with contributions from all sides of the divide, this was riveting viewing as the viewer is effectively given a box-seat at the heart of the action. There is actual footage shown of the shooting of the female insurgent although nothing of the widely publicised break-In to the office of the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

I was actually reminded of the famous defence at Thermopylae by the reputed 300 Spartans as the police strove man and woman-fully yo hold back the mob. This contrasted with the cowardly use of improvised weaponry the protesters employed to use forcefully against the police defending the building. We get verité accounts by some of the police personnel, none more arresting than that from the obviously tough, army-hardened officer who was dragged out of his position and who feared he Mayra be lynched. Miraculously, he survived, but in a telling statistic, six other of his fellow-officers who fought their brave rearguard action alongside him, were revealed to have committed suicide as a result of the trauma suffered, although the point was made that about the same number of attackers had also died that fateful day. E

It was amazing and not a little repellent to hear the assorted ragbag of marchers justifying their actions Absolutely no respect was shown for the building, its staff and indeed its symbolism of democracy to the people. One Gu.

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