Four Kids and It


Family / Fantasy

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Paula Patton as Alice
Michael Caine as Psammead
Matthew Goode as David
Russell Brand as Tristan Trent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neiljones1981 6 / 10

Should Have Been Better

Based on Jacqueline Wilson's book of the same name (which was based on E Nesbit's Five Children and It), Four Kids and It is the big sreen adaption of this deriative.

Aside from sounding like a budget version of Five Children and It with one kid missing, it attempts to update the story to a modern standard. Which is all very well but this still comes across as being a bit half-baked.

Like most "issues" with a lot of films, suspect the budget has more of a say than anything else. The "wishes" are lacklustre, flat and as for Russell Brand, well, cliche if nothing else. The kids carry the bulk of the film between them, relatively successfully.

At the end of the day you can't help feeling this is a wasted opportunity. It could have and should have been so much better. Not a total disaster, those who've read the novel (or the original 1902 book) may be disappointed, but those who just jump into films and read the book later if at all may get more out of it.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10


It's been 16 years since the last ill-advised remake of the classic Edith Nesbit novel, which was so well adapted by the BBC back in the 1990s. This one manages to be even worse than that, moving far, far away from the source material to instead adapt Jacqueline Wilson's own written reinterpretation of the book. Gone is the charm and period flavour, replaced by typically obnoxious modern kids and jaw-droppingly awful storytelling on the part of the writers. The acting is appalling, as are the production values; the best thing here is the not-bad CGI animation for the Psammead (a step up from the 2004 film, admittedly) alongside Michael Caine's vocals. Why somebody added in a streetwise American kid with a history of petty crime I have no idea; racial stereotyping in blatant display there. The nadir of the movie is undoubtedly Russell Brand's shoehorned-in villain, who is excruciatingly awful; how this joker has a lengthy acting career I have no idea.

Reviewed by mike-denton 2 / 10

Just unwatchable

The family were all looking forward to watching this whilst in lockdown. The first 20 minutes were just dreadful and our kids, aged 14 and 12, and my wife all agreed to give up on it. Maybe it gets better, but to us, the first 20 minutes represented everything that's wrong with parenting and filmmaking.

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