Francesco de Carlo: Cose di Questo Mondo

2019 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 91

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shell-72396 7 / 10

Italians Comedy is just like American Comedy - Funny!

He starts off describing what he thinks about always being asked what is it like to live in Italy and knocking the British cuisine and unpredictable bad weather. He also joked about the road conditions in Rome with all the potholes. He said that Americans don't know geography. The topics are similar to American comics - jokes about various cultures. There was also a funny bit about being dunk and Facebooking - so relatable in any language. I enjoyed his bit on religion being like wrestling - people wear funny outfits, do funny movements, and it's probably all fake anyways. He also had great message in the end on why travel is important and how we should be like pineapple on pizza: open minded to the foreigner cause its a good opportunity for that pineapple!

Reviewed by mylvangel 7 / 10

Italian comedy takes on America

Great show, funny guy. Love his jokes about the language barriers.

Reviewed by ehanbameh-817-269189 1 / 10

Why did this pop up on my netflix feed?

First of all, I do not know who this guy is but it came jumping out of my netflix feed and this "person" started his bit about his visit in S. Korea.

I'm Korean American, and caught my attention so why not.

and rest is history. I didn't have to watch it. I'm sure he's a funny guy. but maybe researching a bit of other's culture would have been nice.

His culturally inconsiderate attempt on the only bifurcated country in the world where families divided and in pain for the past 70 years if some random no name idiot comedian wants to poke fun at "which side is best korea" joke, he should be deported instantly.

but that's just my thought.

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