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Reviewed by peanutclairebailey 10 / 10

I laughed and sobbed

Oh precious George. I absolutely adore George Michael. My sister had his albums and I used to enjoy them as a child in the 90s. As an adult I've become quite a fan. I've been lucky enough to see George live and up close. Witnessing George sing 'Praying for Time' with a rising sun behind him; a favourite memory of mine.

I'm so grateful he created this work. I enjoyed it so much, although I could hear a distinct change in his narration. His voice somehow different. I do wonder how he felt in the months before he passed. I hope he was okay.

I was sad to learn of such pain and suffering, especially when he sang the tribute to Freddie Mercury. What a terrible loss George endured.

I was waiting for this documentary to cover his later days. The dark days. It didn't. I'm so glad. It was a beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful man.

We love you George. I remember you as an amazing singer, songwriter and incredible human being.

Reviewed by postalisches 3 / 10

Less documentary, more commercial

I really adore George Michael as a Songwriter and much more as a singer because of his immaculate and compelling voice. I am a fan since the first Wham album. When I watched it, I felt I am looking a commercial more than a documentary. Wham was a snippet as much as the interesting part of his first band, where there were close to no songs presented. They could have, but they did not want to, as much as they do not release his unreleased Legacy. Fans already knew 100% of the informations given by this documentary, so what's the point? The point was to find more buyers for the already released songs. Compare the publication of his Legacy to like Prince's. Huge difference and made for the fans a 100%. Everything GM Estate brings out has already been released. A very conservative and fans unfriendly handling on all his legacy by them is fact. There were fails in his career not shown and unexplained like the Trojan Horse session. Where is Andrew? I disliked the interviews much. Where are the critic voices? Ricky Gervais made me laugh as ever but did not fit in as much as the others did not too. When Ricky said he was a good actor I remembered George in Little Britain immediately with his bad performance. He was a bad actor for sure but exactly this has shown clearly, they only wanted to show what was good during his career and praise the snippets. They did not know him much either and you can feel it. The estate is a shame.. All I know now is, he could not live up the pressure of the music industry like Madonna, Prince and Jackson and he could not release/compose like 20% as much music, but compares himself with those big names like there was no difference at all. They did work hard for their fans compared to George and this is the feeling left after this documentary. Very sad.

Reviewed by eviltrav 2 / 10

Not Good

This is a pretty poor excuse for a documentary unfortunately. The film breezes through his early career only to grind to a screeching halt covering his career in the early 90s as it spends forever on obscure album tracks that don't really tell us much about the man.

There's an interesting story about a highly influential artist in here, but this documentary does not deliver it.

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