1996 [SPANISH]

Drama / History / War

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Ariadna Gil as María
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Historical picture dealing with Spanish Civil War , including good cast , nice production design and rousing musical score

Wartime drama about political idealism centered on a group of revolutionary women perfectly played by a Spanish all-star-cast . Barcelona , at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the nun Maria (Ariadna Gil of Pan's labyrinth) is forced to escape her convent. She takes refuge in a brothel (Angeles Martin , Loles Leon, Maria Pujalte , Isabel Ruiz De la Prada , among others) run by a Madame (Claudia Gravy) , until it is liberated by a woman (Ana Belen) accompanied by his anarchist group (Laura Maña , Blanca Apilanez) . Maria joins the group and unites the Republican troops against the General Franco army ; later on , she eventually goes to the front of Aragon . The women's group takes on the problems of battling not only the nationalists, but also factions on the left seeking to impose a more traditional military structure . Then occurs confrontation between FAI, CNT , AIT , anarchists followers of the leader Durruti (who gave name to the Column Durruti , here well played by Hector Colome), regular troops of the Republican government, Stalinists and Troskists.

This interesting historical story is a passionate retelling and a touching warlike drama . The film originated an intense discussion in Spain about its principal theme , the Spanish Civil War . ¨Libertarias¨ results to be other of the innumerable stories to deal with dramatic deeds regarding the Civil War background . A familiar theme about the global horrors of a fratricide war , impossible to forget to our cinema . "Libertarias¨, adapted by the same director from a story by Román Gubern and José Luis Guarner whom is dedicated the movie . Vicente Aranda also writes the script and being filmed in his usual formal and stylistic scholarship , without leaving a trace the thought-provoking issues , in terms of dramatic and narrative excitement .The main problem has to face "Libertarias", beyond not being able to avoid falling into the politic pamphlet is precisely derived from the coldness of its staging, which eventually become monotonous over two hours and some of footage . This is a Spanish big budget production and obtained much success in the box-office . Excellent female cast forming a powerful human group of women and giving excellent interpretations . Very good support cast playing revolutionary women and men such as Blanca Apilánez as Aura , Laura Mañá as Concha , Loles León as Charo , Jorge Sanz as Obrero Hijo , José Sancho as Obrero padre , Antonio Iranzo , Antonio Dechent, Enrique Villen , among others . Perceptible , sensitive as well as evocative musical score by Jose Nieto . Including a spotless pictorial cinematography by Jose Luis Alcaine , Pedro Almodovar's usual, he carries out a photography with juicy atmosphere , being filmed in Madrid, and Vic, Barcelona, Catalonia . Jose Luis Alcaine is deemed to be one of the best Spanish cameraman with a long artistic career .Furthermore , a willingness , almost perfect of the elements of each shot , every sequence, every space .

The motion picture was lavishly produced by the great producer Andres Vicente Gomez , being well directed by veteran filmmaker Vicente Aranda . He directed a series of award-winning movies firmly establishing him as one of the best Spanish filmmakers . Vicente is an expert on literary adaptations , he has been working from the 60s with ¨Fata Morgana¨ , Las Crueles¨ and ¨Novia Ensangrentada¨ . His greatest successes were intense dramas with plenty of sex such as ¨Amantes¨, ¨Pasion Turca¨ , ¨Si Dicen que Cai¨ , ¨Intruso¨ , ¨Tiempo de Silencio¨ , ¨Carmen¨ , and specially the historical story titled ¨Juana La Loca¨.

Reviewed by ElianaM 9 / 10

A grandiose epic about the Spanish Civil War

This film, an impressive epic about the Spanish Civil War, focuses on the roles of women in the conflict. Thus, the title which translates to "Female Libertarians." This is probably the definitive film on the subject, with all its flaws. Some critics may see the film as "overkill" since it features extreme examples of female suffering, as well as extreme characterizations of the female center and left-wing fighters in the war. The characters include bourgeois women, working class girls, anarchists, and even a nun. The cast is a who's who of female actresses of Spanish Cinema in the 90's. But, considering the horrors and excesses of the war itself, whether the film can be excessive at all, is an open question. Very worth-while watching, and a must for those who follow Spanish Cinema or 20th century History.

Reviewed by meddlecore 9 / 10

Inspirational...A Must See!

This movie tells the story of the last battle that has been fought with hopes of forming a Utopian society... a libertarian communist society based on anarchy. Everyone is equal. Everyone is a soldier. There are no rankings, everyone fights as an equal. Even men and women are seen as equals. In times when we are beginning to see the failings of a capitalist society, this movie is an inspiration to show that it is possible to form a collective society in which everyone is free and equal. It makes you contemplate the argument of are you really free in a democratic society? This movie takes a particularly feminist perspective, following the association of free women, a branch of the revolution in which the women were just as devoted to the cause as the men, and expect to be treated equal, even if it means they will fight and die. This movie should be an inspiration to us all as it becomes obvious that a liberal capitalist life is is a must see, especially if you enjoy political movies. 8.5 out of 10.

**If you like this movie check out Salt of the Earth, about the strikes at the zincs mines in new Mexico by Mexican workers...also a must see!**

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