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Susan Kohner as Martha Freud
Montgomery Clift as Sigmund Freud
Susannah York as Cecily Koertner
Maria Perschy as Magda
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Sigmund Freud 1856-1939

According to the Citadel Film Series book about the films of John Huston, he was interested for about 20 years in bringing Sigmund Freud's life and work to the big screen. When he finally got a script from philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre it was an eight hour epic which he finally trimmed down to less than two and half hours. A manageable length and it only covers the years 1885 to 1891 when Freud developed his theories about infant sexuality and the Oedipal complex.

Just the mere fact that when you mention psychology and ask who is the person most associated with the field and Freud is the answer 99% of the time qualifies him to be the first man of his field. Those theories which he expounds have been challenged down through the years, but more often than not his peers are building on what he started and not just outrightly dismissing Freud.

The subject is probably too complex a one to bring to the screen for the lay person, but Huston makes a valiant effort. Huston also had Code parameters to deal with in 1962. Huston is also helped along by a great performance he coaxed out of Montgomery Clift and God knows Clift was a man by that time beset with his own demons of the mind and had seen enough of psychology as well as more addicting methods of pain control. Huston had the devil's own time with Clift, but Clift responded greatly. It was a miracle this film was finished at all.

This was Montgomery Clift's last really great film. He did a rather pedestrian spy novel The Defector four years later as his last film. That was like a tune up film for him to do before he was to start Reflections In A Golden Eye. Monty was way too gone by then and essentially just walked through that one. He should have gone out with Freud.

There are a couple of other performances of note. Sussanah York as the girl who Clift treats that really gets him thinking along the lines of sex and David McCallum as well as a mental patient who shows some interesting subliminal sexual behavior under hypnosis. Larry Parks also makes an appearance as Freud's colleague, friend, but critic in the end Joseph Breuer.

Essentially Freud is Clift's show all the way and a grand show it is. And this review is dedicated to my father Leonard S. Kogan who was most prominent in this field and had a bust of Freud along with Einstein and Washington among the bric a brac in our house as people he admired.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10


"Freud" which was released in 1962 is not a film seen much these days. We recently caught up with it when it was shown on a classic movie channel. It is worth a look because of the content, as well as for the man at the center of the story. John Huston directed and served as the narrator. The screenplay by Charles Kaufman tries to condense in 140 minutes some of the most memorable aspects of the famous man.

The film begins and ends with a sequence where Copernicus, as well as Charles Darwin are mentioned as people with visions that changed our knowledge of the world in which we live. The young Dr. Freud's early career is examined. His early career in Vienna was dominated by the tyrannical Dr. Meynert, who made Freud's life a living hell, although as the old man was dying he called the younger man in what could be seen an offering of peace, as the dying physician saw what Freud was doing.

Freud had to go to Paris to learn the experiments Dr. Charcot, an innovator, was working with. Upon his return, he is befriended by the kind Dr. Joseph Breuer, who worked in close association with Freud. In fact, it is because of his mentor Dr. Freud becomes involved in the case that would be his breakthrough, treating Cecily Koertner, a young woman suffering from paralyzing hysteria.

Montgomery Clift, who makes Freud a darker figure, was an actor who was battling his own demons. The production suffered long delays because of his bouts of alcoholism. The actor was further tormented by his condition as a gay man, something he worked hard to suppress. His performance, although uneven, gives the viewer a glimpse of what he was able to do. Susannah York makes a wonderful Cecily in one of her best screen appearances. Larry Parks, an actor who suffered the indignities of being blacklisted, does wonders with his Dr. Breuer. The supporting players included David McCallum, Susan Kohner, Eileen Herlie, and Fernand Ledoux, among the large last.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10


An Impossible Outing, Trying to Condense Psychoanalysis Founder Sigmund Freud,

His Cutting-Edge (actually unheard of) Approach to Psychiatric Problems of the Mind, IN 2+HRS.

His Ground-Breaking Approach, Examinations, and Treatment of Patients

went From Applause to Ultra-Skepticism and Outright Ridicule throughout the 20th Century,.

His "Discoveries" and Treatment are Still Controversial to This Day.

But Director John Huston had Wanted to Try and Bring "Freud" to the Screen for Decades.

So He Hired Montgomery Clift even though Their Relationship was "Strained" after "The Misfits" (1959).

The Behind the Scenes Activity is Infamous.

Some Claim Huston was "Sadistic" to Clift,

who was Suffering Himself from Repressed Homosexuality.

But Clift, in the End, Delivered a Bravo Performance.

Susannah York, at the Tender Age of 17, also Delivers a Mature and Very Effective Performance as the Film's Very Troubled Central Patient.

The Score by Jerry Goldsmith is Moody, Striking, and Nominated for an AA, as were Charles Kaufman and Wolfgang Reinhardt for the Screenplay.

The Strength of the Film is the Dark Norish Cinematography, it's Then Taboo Subject of Sexuality, and the Spirited, but Talky (Psycho-Therapy's Medicine) Script.

A Truly Off-Beat Film Restrained by the Code and a Generally Repellent Subject for Some Folks, at the Inner-Workings of Humanities Primal Drive.

For those Reasons and the Fact that it is a Fine Experimental Film, its...

Worth a Watch.

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