Friday the 13th


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Kevin Bacon as Jack
Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Voorhees
Tom Savini as Man The Knife Killer
Adrienne King as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enderh20 8 / 10

Suprisingly special and scary!

Friday the 13th is a classic masterpiece, it uses a clever sort of storytelling to hide the identity of the killer as well as who the main character is to the end. For a slasher movie, it's not as bloody as a modern slasher, but it still delivers brutal kills. The music and sound effects are all great. The suspense-building is great as you can kinda figure out when someone's is going to get murdered. And without spoiling anything, the acting of the killer is truly terrifying! Some acting is kind of cheesy but that doesn't change mutch. It has a great atmosphere and after rewatching it, Friday the 13th from 1980 is now one of my favourite horror movies of all time! Overall it's a must see movie with a score of 9/10 from me!

Reviewed by Pumpkin_Man 10 / 10

Before Jason Voorhees, There Was the Original Classic!!!

Before the hockey mask and Jason Voorhees himself, there was the original classic. This is the one that started it all. I'm so used to Jason being the killer now that you almost forget he wasn't the killer in this one. Most of the film is a murder mystery, much like Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. We never see the killer's face or a mask. We don't know their motive til the last 10 minutes of the movie. It's Friday the 13th on June, 1980 and Camp Crystal Lake is about to be re-opened. Sweet Annie has been warned by Enos and Crazy Ralph that Crystal Lake has a 'death curse' The other counselors are Alice, Marcie, Brenda, Ned, Bill and Jack. Throughout the day, they try to get things ready, but a storm is coming and a psycho killer begins stalking and killing them off one by one. If you love slashers from the 1980's, you'll love Friday THE 13TH!!!

Reviewed by Foreverisacastironmess123 10 / 10

"No place to hide..." Drenched in blood was the long dark night of Friday the 13th!

First of all, look what date it is, see what I did there? I'm the man! Whoo!!! The original is the only Friday movie that I give a ten to, there's just something very special about it to me, and it's certainly the one that I find the most creepy. It's such a good old-fashioned stalk and slash through the dark of the highest order! Perhaps it's even the granddaddy of all such grisly fare. I'm aware that it isn't quite the first slasher ever, but it was certainly an influential game changer and a definer of the genre. It was definitely one of the first to, whether they were aware of what they were doing or not, wholeheartedly embrace all of the beloved 'rules' and themes of the slasher. It works as an 'official' template for them all. Now it's probably considered to be fairly standard stuff by most folks, but I for one love it. The dialogue and characterisation is more than a little on the hokey side, but the most endearing quality is the fantastic haunting atmosphere, the ever- present surroundings of the beautiful lake and foreboding woods are so eerie. And then there's the music, and the iconic 'Jason' noise, and crazy old hag Mrs.Voorhees with her blue sweater and big nasty dentures! Very sorry to hear that gal recently passed away. Such a novel twist how it was a little old lady doing it the whole time! You'd never see that one coming.. She's so game for it in the scenes where she's grappling with the enchanting Adrienne King until she famously turns the tables and lops off her head in one legendary moment of gore! All of the gruesome effects still look really well done, Tom Savini did such excellent work. Very nice and cruel. Oh wait, let me explain. I've always found that it's okay to 'enjoy' the slaughter of this film series in that each death is like the punchline to a macabre joke, and then so begins the buildup to the next one.. It's something akin to the carnival game where you shoot the ducks that pop up! The scariest part for me is when the girl goes out into the storm after hearing a child's distant cry of ~"Help meeee!~ It gives me a chill every time I hear it. I don't like curtains being open at night. Somebody might be out in the dark, looking in. You can't see them, but they can see you. It really gives me the creeps. You never see her die, just hear her scream, and like when the annoying comic relief guy in the feather headdress is quietly finished off, I find it more unsettling when it's what you don't see, and your head fills in the rest! The cast speak fondly of their time working on the film and remember the good times they had, and I think that shows, it does have a certain enthusiasm about it. It kinda feels like this movie gets a free pass with me, forgiveness for all of its faults - because it's Friday the f*****g 13th man! It's such a romp, it always was. I think it's seminal horror viewing . There's a reason why this humble movie from 1980 with a cast of unknowns at the time, still lives on. It's suspenseful, it's funny and it's fun, and that jump scare with the boat at the end is one of the best in horror movie history! I'd like to see anything from today come close to such longevity. Most of those are forgotten on the way home from the cinema! An undeniable classic and essential for good spooky fun.

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