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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmax304823 8 / 10

Coal: An Adhesion From the Past.

We are desperately in need of programmatic films like this. The difficulty is that those most in need of this information are those least likely to expose themselves to it.

The documentary covers most aspects of the current fuel situation, focusing on coal -- it's mining, transportation, treatment, and its economic and environmental impact. It's continued use leads to a carnival of horrors.

The conclusion, drawn not just from this film but from multiple credible sources, is that coal belongs in the 19th century as a source of energy and that many of us cling to its use either because we don't understand the economics involved or because any alternative threatens their world view.

It doesn't help when the federal government, dominated by conservative businessmen, lie in order to promote the notion that coal mining is "coming back." It's not. The lies are blatant. It isn't mentioned in this program but Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, claimed recently that 50,000 jobs had been created this year in the coal mining industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 1,300 over the same period.

No one should underestimate either the damage caused by the use of coal or the strength of the forces supporting its use.

The program is informative and sometimes moving. The descriptions of mining and transportation are adequately covered but there are also illustrations of its impact on families, including children.

We've changed our major sources of fuel before. We used to rely entirely on wood and whale oil, then coal, then oil. And now it's time to switch again to renewable sources. But our defiance of any change, our clinging desperately to a dying tradition, prevents us from doing the rational thing, namely putting research and development into alternative energy sources. China is now the leading producer of solar panels and wind turbines. They're ahead of the curve. If you install a solar panel or a small wind turbine on your own property in Oklahoma, an oil state, you pay a penalty.

How can something so obvious, so simple, be denied by so many Americans?

Reviewed by alexarag 8 / 10

A Broad Spectrum Look at the Impact of the Coal Industry and Its Politics

This movie impressed me in how the center of its focus was the impact on *people* attached to this large and influential industry in the United States.

Whether you're on the "side" of the coal miner who may or may not loose his job because of new government regulations or you sympathize more with environmental protection and pollution causes, this movie is still a must-watch for those who care about the direction of the coal industry in the United States.

It doesn't matter what your political stripes are. It is important that one watches this film by first pushing aside politics, environmentalism, union issues, etc. in favour of understanding that the large crap-show created by government, the coal industry, and its surrounding groups in the United States has a real impact on real people.

Reviewed by sentientsight 6 / 10

Good Documentary Regardless of your opinion on the Coal Industry

This documentary does a good job of illustrating the pros and cons of the Coal Industry, what it's weaknesses are and proposes how to address the economic issues surrounding the flailing industry.

I am not personally convinced about "Anthropogenic" Climate Change which is unfortunately discussed heavily in this film, Coal is after all a high emitter of Carbon Dioxide, however I still found it very informative and am glad I sat through it.

There is a piece on the effects caused by pollution from the Coal Industry, most of which as documented in Gasland, are also caused by the Fracking Industry. Personally I'd prefer to see both Coal and Fracking become a thing of the past, and Renewable Energy or maybe even Nuclear Power (Thorium Fission Cycle not Uranium or Plutonium) become the standard.

The health effects portion of the film is highly emotive, which is common for documentaries trying to call people to action, and I was unconvinced that "Asthma" can be solely blamed on the Coal Industry, personally I believe that there are other possible contributing factors, food additives like Mono Sodium Glutimate (MSG) and Mono Potassium Glutimate (often used in "MSG Free" foods) for example.

Overall I would say this film starts out with a fairly unbiased view, is well put together, flows well and if one overlooks the constant pushing of Global Warming, addresses the issues and reaches an appropriate conclusion. 6/10

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