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John Hurt as Douglas Benoit
Judd Nelson as Robin 'Stormy' Weathers
Nancy Marchand as Roberta Winnaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lunny100 10 / 10

A little known, great great movie

Quite simply I love this movie, not because I have an affinity to any of the actors but simply because it's a very easy way to pass a couple of hours.

For movie which attempts to broach one of the legal systems greatest dilemmas (how to defend the guilty) the screenwriters and director somehow manage to deal with the issue seriously yet without allowing the movie to become heavy and dry.

You will laugh as there are many genuinely funny scenes and yet you will also appreciate the very real and serious ethical dilemma "stormy" finds himself in.

John Hurt does steal the show somewhat with a performance that is nothing short of chilling, but the movie is not just about John and the supporting cast are pretty good as well. Criticism of Judd Nelson for this role is certainly unwarranted.

If you want a nice easy watch, which you can chose to just enjoy or to actually have a proper think about then this is a very good place to start.

Do yourself a favour find the movie in a bargain bin, watch it and wonder why you never bothered to see it before

Reviewed by mslweyls 9 / 10

Better than you'd think

I stumbled across this movie on a whim, and it's become one of my favorites. A great mix of drama and humor, it's fun while still maintaining the suspense of a psychological drama. Judd Nelson gives a great performance as Stormy Weathers (love his name!) and John Hurt is spooky as the crazed Benoit. The question of ethics for attorneys is a thought-provoking commentary on our justice system, and the hearing on the swear word is such great satire! I have shown this to my high school students on "reward days" and they have enjoyed it so much. The tension at the end is unbelievable!

Truly an underrated film . . . so glad I found it on DVD!

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 8 / 10

Seeing the funny side.

Mmm, I liked it… quite a bit. Bob Clark writes/directs this comedy courtroom drama with many screwball antics but also well managed serious elements. Having it sit in both camps could've been disastrous, but while it isn't always 100% in convening them together. I found it hard not be gripped, and trying to wipe the grin of my face. However it's a glowingly clever little concept (falling in two parts), which is brought across by Judd Nelson's bouncy performance. He plays Robin Weathers a young, brash Boston lawyer that goes about things in a very unconventional manner, but these questionable methods gets the results. Embarrassment for his firm, but everyone else loves it. So after his first big win, he joins the firm's partnership and then finds himself dumped with a murder case which he has no hope of winning. This was purposely done, so his partners could get rid of him.

The smart-lipped script is very agreeable with the smooth flowing pace and playful score adding to the amusing diversions. The comical interplay is quite heavy with ballistic energy in the early stages as the courtroom is a show-stopping circus of noisy gags (which has great snappy performance from Ray Walston as the judge of the courtroom), but when it gets to the main case that's when those dramatic aspects mingle in (like its stinging if transparent climax), but never leaving the theatrically colorful zinger and humour behind. Clark makes it work, as it's never over-cooked and has a purpose to steering the action and situations. John Hurt is amazing as the intensely cocky defendant that Nelson's character must try to acquit. There's fine support from the likes of Darren McGavin, Dan Monahan, David Alan Grier, Nancy Marchand and undoubtedly lovable Elizabeth Perkins (whose beautiful smile simply lights up a room).

A novel crowd-pleaser that's always thinking on its feet.

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