2019 [KOREAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pjdruck 10 / 10

The Purpose is the Journey.

It's best to head into this movie not thinking what it possibly is about.

There are few interpretation of what this movie is. But that interpretation should be when you finish this movie.

The setting it's a very slow and lived it environment and the characters are very intriguing. To say the least.

Best way to watch this one is watch it as a surreal piece of work with no intention or objective. It's simply to take your on a journey with the trio.

And sure, your allowed to all question, but surely you won't really get answers. And that's okay.

Watch it for the quiet and beautiful Journey.

Reviewed by inikim 8 / 10

Pan-Eastern-Asian wandering

Are you a ghost? This question is asked more than once. Add the reference to Murakami and the atmosphere in this movie has been set. Don't try to understand it and if you're lucky it will get to you.

I loved the fact that Korean, Japanese and Chinese is being spoken. Maybe the eastern Asian people have more in common, than they have differences. I like to believe that... In a sense it makes it a very modern movie!

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