Funny Lady


Action / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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James Caan as Billy Rose
Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice
Roddy McDowall as Bobby Moore
Colleen Camp as Billy's Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

Occasionally great music...and with a coarser and less interesting version of Fanny.

Wow...was I disappointed. I saw "Funny Girl" just a few weeks ago and really liked it--even though the story often bore little resemblance to the real-life Fanny Brice. I scored that film a 9. Here, once again, the true story takes a back seat but unlike the first time, this one just isn't fun. It's depressing, unnecessary and much of the music really isn't enjoyable because instead of integrating it into the film naturally, it looks more like they had Barbra Streisand do a concert and just shove these songs into the film. Also, instead of being cute and innocent, often the film is crude and unlikable. It's a shame, as SOME of the music is quite nice and there are a few moments that shine. But too often the film is flat and unappealing due to a lackluster script and indifferent direction. In my opinion, it's purely for Streisand fans who are not particularly demanding.

They could have improved the film by: cutting several of the songs, at least TRYING to get her relationship with Billy Rose right (there WAS no happy ending like they implied at the end), cut out the coarse language (it makes the characters much more unlikable) and make Fanny Brice not look so pathetic. All in all, a sad waste of talent.

Reviewed by mike48128 7 / 10

Barbra is still wonderful when performing, but the story drags

Surprise! Great production numbers do not a great musical make! Like so many mediocre musicals, when the music stops, the story is lifeless in spite of a good supporting cast. It was the inevitable sequel to one of the best of its kind and did surprisingly good box office. James Caan is not Omar Sharif, although he is a good actor. While the Billy Rose songs are great, some of the new supporting songs don't measure up and sound like echos from "Funny Girl" or "Hello Dolly". The water ballet does not seem as impressive as it should be. (Yes, there really was such a show in Cleveland.) The best part of the movie is the "everything that could go wrong" run-thru of "Billy Roses Crazy Quilt". That was masterfully done and is hilarious. The last 20 minutes, which wrap everything up, are just terrible. I was left depressed and wanting more; like something was missing. "Funny Girl" was truly grand entertainment and this pales by comparison. However, the production numbers play far better on a large screen.(Note: the exterior for "NBC" was reused for "Xanadu" a few years later!)

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Vastly inferior to Funny Girl, but not that bad a sequel

While not without flaws Funny Girl was a wonderful film with Barbra Streisand boasting one of the finest film debuts ever. Funny Lady is nowhere near as good, but that doesn't mean it's bad because it's not. It has lovely costumes and sets, if not as opulent as those of Funny Girl, and the photography is mostly very nice, especially the use of Panavision in I Found a Million Dollar Baby in a Five and Ten Cent Store. Save a couple of exceptions, particularly in It's Gonna Be a Happy Day, the overuse of long shots gives it a rather chaotic look. The music is not as great as Funny Girl's, with the score being pleasant and paced well, and while none of the songs quite equal Don't Rain On My Parade or My Man they are fine on their equal, with the best being How Lucky Can You Get?, More Than You Know and I Found a Million Dollar Baby in a Five and Ten Cent Store. The script is amusing with a few sweet moments. Barbra is not as magical as she was in Funny Girl with Fanny having more of diva-ish attitude, but she manages the comic and dramatic(certainly better than in A Star is Born) moments very well and her singing is as gorgeous and impassioned as ever. James Caan is also good though with a character who's not easy to like at first, and they have an easy chemistry together. Omar Sharif is as charming as he was in Funny Girl, Roddy McDowell is underused but memorable and Ben Vereen has the chance to show some fancy footwork. Funny Lady is problematic, long shots overuse aside. The pacing does have a tendency to be elephantine, especially like in Funny Girl in the second half and the story is not as fun, as romantic or as touching as Funny Girl(they're evident just that Funny Girl had them much stronger) so it was not as easy to properly invest or engage with it. And if you thought the story and writing in Funny Girl was clichéd or contrived, and a fair few people do think that, Funny Lady does it worse. Herbert Ross's direction is rather clumsy as well, the direction in It's Gonna Be a Happy Day is particularly muddled and he does lose control of the story and its clichés at frequent points. Overall, a lacklustre sequel but a watchable one at least. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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