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Bruce Cabot as Kirby Dawson
Keye Luke as Reporter
Spencer Tracy as Joe Wilson
Walter Brennan as 'Bugs' Meyers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

Keep watching this film--it gets better and better throughout

The film's director, Fritz Lang, had a hugely important film career in his native Germany before he was compelled to leave during the Nazi era. In many ways, he and Hollywood had a poor relationship and many of the films he made over the three decades he was making American films were considered disappointments. I guessed Lang peaked so early and had so many early successes (such as METROPOLIS and M) that quality films like SCARLET STREET and BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT were unfairly dismissed. Additionally, his dictatorial style did not set well with American actors and crews. Of all the Hollywood films he made, FURY is the best and for some reason is pretty much forgotten today and should have helped enhance his reputation as a great director...but he was fired just before the film was released!

This is a movie that at first is pretty deceptive. Initially, the film starts out pretty cheerfully and seems like it will be a romance. Then, later, Spencer Tracy is mistaken for a criminal and, quite frankly, this part of the film isn't handled perfectly--the town's reaction seemed too quick and there wasn't enough back story to support this over-reaction by the town. Perhaps, if the town had in some way been a victim of the crime or the crime had been more heinous (such as the killing of a child) their response would have made more sense. However, despite this small deficiency, the film then shoots into high gear and is an amazing indictment on mob rule and lynch mobs, as the second half of the film concerns what happened AFTER the mob attacked and seemingly killed Tracy. This is when the movie really becomes well thought out and brings up many important issues and doesn't pull any punches. As a result, the film is both a fine civics lesson (without being preachy) and study on social psychology. I really could analyze the film further, but am very hesitant as it might spoil the surprises and lessen the impact.

For a similar film that is also worth seeing, try watching THEY WON'T FORGET (1937) with Claude Rains. For a similar film that is god- awful, try watching MOUNTAIN JUSTICE (1937)--don't say I didn't warn you about this one!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Furious Lang

A large part of me had no doubt at all that 'Fury' would be at least a good film. Fritz Lang was one fine director and a big influence in cinema (especially his 20s and 30s output). It is hard to go wrong with having the always expressive and subtle Sylvia Sidney as the female lead and it was interesting to see Spencer Tracy in an early role. Despite the subject matter being a very dark and heavy one, it really grabbed my attention, and such positive reception appetised further.

'Fury' turned out to me as an overall whole as a very strong film, with a lot being outstanding even, and it is not hard to see why Lang himself considered it his personal favourite of his American films. For Tracy, Sidney and Lang fans, this is a must and one can see why the three have always been so highly thought of. 'Fury' though does have flaws admittedly and falls short of being great, with some of the second half not being up to the same standard as the rest of the film.

Some of the second half gets rather too silly and manic, with a few too many plot contrivances.

The ending is somewhat sappy too and felt shoehorned in, if anybody said to me that this ending was always intended to me it would be very difficult to believe as this was a "imposed upon from the studio" sort of ending.

However, Lang's direction is remarkable. Especially visually, which has so much style and atmosphere. It was very interesting to see a more Expressionistic look to the production values compared to the usual gloss seen in MGM films at the time and it looks incredibly striking. The atmosphere is also present in Franz Waxman's swelling and not too melodramatic music score. 'Fury' is mostly well written, with a lot of tautness and edge and leaving one in thought despite losing its way in the latter stages of the second half.

Although the story execution is far from perfect, 'Fury' doesn't shy away showing the full tension and emotional power of the challenging subject it takes on. Without being too preachy. The characters are nicely rounded and the acting is very good. Walter Abel, Bruce Cabot and Walter Brennan are the biggest names in the supporting cast and they are excellent, especially Abel. Tracy gives one of his best early career performances, who brings tremendous intensity to his role, and Sidney is as poignant and understated as ever.

In summary, very good with signs of a great film in it that doesn't quite come out. 8/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Tracy hits his stride

In what was his fourth film on his new MGM contract Spencer Tracy finally broke through the ranks and became an A picture star. Tracy had been in Hollywood for six years five of them with Fox. Most of his work there was relegated to B picture second features. In this, the first American film by Fritz Lang, Tracy emerges with a powerhouse performance of a man who nearly destroys himself in a quest for vengeance against the mob that nearly kills him by setting a jail on fire where he's being held on a suspicion of kidnapping.

Remember that this was the 30s with news of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial fresh in the minds of the movie-going public. Probably the most hated man in America was Bruno Hauptman, the Lindbergh kidnapping suspect. That's a dimension that can hardly be appreciated by seeing the video today. But Lang's direction of the mob scenes still retains the power to frighten.

Sylvia Sydney registers well as Tracy's fiancé and Bruce Cabot stands out as the local town bully who whips up the mob in the first place against the innocent Tracy being held in the town jail.

In the first of many climactic monologues Tracy comes forward and redeems himself from the twisted personality his victimization by the town mob has left. The speech is simple, direct, profound; pure Spencer Tracy. And that's as good as it ever gets.

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